This is my second Christmas on the blogger - so maybe this can be deemed as a tradition - so here enjoy some REAL good holiday cheer.
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Have a REAL BLAST and
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Enjoy your Holidays!!!!



A new story short story blog - SURPRISE

This much awaited Aamir Khan starrer was released today on the 24th here in the New Jersey. Since I had half day at work I caught the early show. Firstly as described in many articles all over - this movie is NOT A COPY OF MEMENTO. Just the basic premise and concept are the same. Other than that its an all in all Bollywood movie.
I loved the movie not just because I admire Aamir Khan but it also left me disturbed and thoughtful. Will not reveal much about the movie here, just some observations.
Disturbed because we take our given faculties of sight, sound, touch, reasoning, analysing, retention of good and bad for granted. But when you see the apathy of the person who has a short term memory loss you realize that life can suddenly become so empty and full of struggle if we miss one of those beats.
All in all Aamir and Asin did a great job and I enjoyed the movie. A big plus was seeing the physical change in Aamir. He looks cool. Here are links to two videos on youtube (Aamir Khan Ghajini Body in Making) Part 1 and Part 2 where he shares his one year endurance to loose that fat and convert it to muscles. That is what left me with a thought. If one makes up his/her mind anything is possible and you can change you life around.
Lastly Aamir is known to be a perfectionist, but I guess he was not involved with the script. And my blogs and me love observing - so here are some bloopers that I think should have be taken care of to make the movie crisper :
1) In the beginning of the movie it is said that Aamir medical case is a police affair - but it does not make sense as the movie progresses
2) He has Short Term Memory loss and at a point he goes to nab a person who he is after (will not reveal much) - how he gets that information is not shown
3) Aamir is a left handed writer (Glad to know it as I am a lefty too) but a diary he keeps has writing in Hindi which slants towards the right from top to bottom. That again is a flaw.
4) He is off to London - and they show stamping his Schengan Visa - which is not a valid visa for United Kingdom. One needs to get a separate visa.
Well that is my first impression - am sure to see it again as this is a real long weekend. Hope you guys fill me in as to how you liked it.
Also there is a spanish movie called NOVO. It also deals with short term memory loss and the concept of love.
Have a happy holiday and merry christmas to all.


What If

When tragedies strike like the recent events in Bombay - some of us get angry and some dejected.
This is not a post about what happened and why it happened. These are questions that we have no control over. The common man today is trapped into a turmoil of HIS existence where he works daily to make a living - but the present and his future is simply a matter of statistics - both for the elected official and the terror inflictors.

But looking at such tragedies it makes me wonder - What If :
- Most of these terror operations are meticulously planned to the tiniest details making sure that all their resources and personel are used optimally.
What if these people were recruited as managers of some firms - can they have averted the financial debacles that the so called white collar workers have inflicted because of their greed and robbed an entire generation of thier hard work and savings.

- Their entire team is observant, has a photographic knowledge of their surroundings, has a plan and they stick to it. These people surely are intelligent.
What if they worked for some good cause with the same fervour. Good cause is relative - isnt it? Their fight for them is a good cause to come out of a turmoil that has been inflicted upon them.

- The leaders of these training camps have the ability to sell death to innocent recruits who carry out their orders based on some promised non existent "heaven" in the name of religion.
What if these leaders were hired or were actually marketing managers of some companies.

- The recruits have overcome the fear of death, they venture into unknown territories to carry out their motives and laid out agendas. They have a spirit to accomplish their task no matter what the situation they are going to be in.
What if these same people were trained to execute difficult infrastruture projects around the world where such daredevil skills are really needed.

These are just some fleeting thoughts - today as we are barraged from every aspect of life - we HOPE for a better future and pray to the ALMIGHTY - but ALL those who currently are MIGHTY are the corporate giants and the terror cells. We the common man can only voice an outburst and wait that someone, anyone hears us.

Intelligence used for anti human motives is surely non productive. Hope people understand their power and use it positively.


Also updated the short story blog - SURPRISE