All Over Again

Once again I was trapped in the middle (figuratively) in the middle of the terror attacks but this time in Mumbai. Am here on vacation till this weekend and yesterday was in Bandra the center of the city meeting up an old friend when blast and attacks shook the city. We were forcefully evacuated and asked to return back home.

Its over 22 hours and situation is still grim in both the Taj and Oberoi hotels. I did drive around the affected parts and clicked some pictures today - will try an upload them once I am back.

Thanks for all who sent ou their wishes. It is errie that I was in the coffee shop of the Taj right under the main dome a week ago.

Hope all of you are doing well......hope to be back full time next week.


Gods Inc - V : Pause

This is part of an ongoing series - I have had 4 earlier calls made to Gods Inc that can be read here.
Its been a while since I called HIM at his office but I had collected a whole lot of data (I am model ME74 - a data collecting model sent to Earth Corp by HIM) that needed analysis and cross checking.
Me : (Dialing)....fifth attempt...keep getting the message to wait and hear the soft music.....not appealing when you are disturbed.
Operator: Hello, Me74, How may I help you? A sweet sultry voice was on the other end. I have a feeling that again something bad is going to happen. Its only then such enticing voices are heard from HIS office.
Me: How come you know who I am? This hasn't happened before? and May I know who I am talking to?
Oksana: I am Okasan from the Decommisioning/Refurbhishing department and as always WE know everything. We have our ways - remember the outing you were foced to go out in the storm and when the lightening struck in front of you.
Me : Ok...(bloody hell and I thought I was sloppy) Well I have few questions - are you the right person to ask them to?
Oksana : Yes and I am ready to take down those questions. Go ahead.
Me: (again they know or rather HE knew) Ok here I go. First Where is HE? Does HE have a gambling problem? Has he been hedging against his own corporation? Has HE been smoking pot? ( I spoke in an exasperated tone)
Oksana : Why do you ask such a question?
Me: Look whats going around here on Earth Corp. Money is being siphoned off somewhere - nobody knows where. There is chaos and fear all over - crime, terrorism, bomb blasts - people are scared and HE seems to be nowhere. Everyone is doubting that the Chief is absconding.
Oksana : Ok what else? (Absolutly nonchalant at my exasperation - as if HE does not care)
Me: Why is he playing with peoples psyche? After the unsuccesful attemp of installing Bush-2 and then raising hopes with Clinton-2, HE has installed McCain-1 and Palin-1 against Obama-1. Today is the day when you have made the inconsequentials all around this American LLC go and cast their hopes. Is it going to be YES WE CAN or SAME OLD SAME OLD.
Oksana: Noted, anything else? (This attitude makes me feel Why am I bothering asking these questions - HE already has planned everything - but the problem is that I CANT help it - I am also programmed to ASK today- damn)
Me: And lastly Why do you give people emotions? Why install this virus in many of us - Why cant you get a fix for this bug. Cant everyone just be logical?
Oksana: ME74, I think I have to transfer you to HIM. You are asking questions beyond what I was told you will ask. Maybe the UNNERve.EXE bug was accidently installed in you.
Me: (again i check the back of my head and look for signs of the antenna) Ok...
(Music ensues and Def Leppards song "Lets get rocked" starts playing)
I am thinking to myself - is this a joke - here I am asking serious questions and HE wants me to party - or is this what HE is doing right now and thats why GODS INC is suffering.

GOD : Hello ME74, long time. Things are fine. I KNOW. You are not doing very well. I KNOW and I read your questions. As we have discussed before and you have been told - THIS IS MY COMPANY - I will do what I wish - you were supposed to just collect data and transmit it - not interact with other Earthlings. You asked if I was gambling - HELL YEAH - we had an inter planetary BlackJack competetion - I have been winning for years but this year because of visiting Earth and inhaling all those obnoxious green gases - it affected me - and I bet on something which I lost - so to recover I kept betting - and had to lease parts of my Earth Inc. Thus you see all the money being evaporated from all my different companies on Earth.
Me:Ok so then we should not worry. You will take care of this situation. And I hope that your model Obama-1 wins today.
GOD: Dont jump the gun. I have it all planned. The Earthlings have become complacent and need a jolt. I am shaking them in all the possible ways - those who survive will have fun - those who complain like you are will be directed to the Decommisioning/Refurbishing department.
Me: (I knew HE has planned it - no wonder I was directed to this department - just then I realized and asked) So....wait...am I being Decommisioned?
GOD : Well you have done your work well till now - so I am just going to clean your RAM and give you some rest and upgrade your system. Then you will be on probation for a period.
Me: Ahem....(just then my head started to itch - I touched that portion and was feeling a wave escaping my head). Are you doing it this instant? I asked?
GOD: Good bye - my next wager is on. I am betting on Haileys comet to strike two stars. You wont hear me in few minutes. If you do survive your workload as a normal earthling - I will reconsider you again for this job.
Me: I was being LAID OFF by HIM - damn! (My head was reeling and I said) Hello! Hello!
I looked at my phone - and looked around. Why and who was I talking to at this hour?
As decided by Gods Inc. - I will be away for a month going to homeland passing through Homeland Security here. See you guys back in December - that is if I do get recommisioned.