Whats in a Name

My work here in the US allows me to meet people from all walks of life - different economic status, cultures, religions, countries.

I have at last count met people from more that 28 countries around the world who are immigrants here - to help and create their respective "American Dreams" - apartment, bungalow, home whatever you call it.

Also at the same time I have met Indians from almost all states in India - except for 3 northeast states. I like this experience which would not have been possible living a sheltered life at home.

Now what has happened is that my name CHINTAN DESAI has unknowingly attained many variations - some of which that I remember I will jot down here.

- South Indians : They add the "a" at the end. Like it is RAMA and LAXMANA for them instead of RAM and LAXMAN - I am Chintanaaaaa

- Chinese or Korean or any orientals : It is difficult for them to comprehend the full name - for them CHIN TAN is the full name - They ask politely why is DESAI added to your name.

- Latinos, Spanish or Mexicans : For them it is Shintan or Chitan or Chinton....and last name is D'sai like D'souza

- Europeans : They cant pronounce the soft TAN (तन) they make it TAAAN (तान)

Well I do spell names all wrong or hear them wrong - one such funny incident.

Client (on the phone) : Hi my name is Kiran (now thats what I heard and spelt)

Me: Hi, this is Chintan and after the regular conversation and taking down information we setup a meeting to meet at a parking lot from where we had to walk to his house.

At the lot - I am waiting in the car for 15 mins. Nobody showed up. So I call Kiran.
A guy standing at near the parking lot edge lifts the phone. He is Kiran.

So we both go and shake hands - the the confusion was :
He had seen me waiting but was expecting a chinese guy named : Chun Tan
and he was an Irish guy named CIARAN (pronounced you guessed it right Kiran)

Lastly - naming this blog CEEDY also has a small interesting tale. Around last year this time had called Pizza Hut for delivery. The guy at the other end asked me my name and could not get it.
So I said just jot down CD.
When it was delivered the bill said "SEEDY" - which has a shady meaning - but it stuck in my mind and when I started to blog I changed SEEDY to CEEDY - works well numerologically too :P. So thank you Pizza Hut dude.

Well some people get offended and start correcting people to pronounce their name correctly, I was taught very early in school - proper nouns do not have an exact pronunciation - I just like collecting my variations. Can one call it a hobby - I dunno.

Also still am a PC orphan - so will visit everyone in due time - just posting this from a friends laptop.


अ B (Now) C डी' s Tagged

A to Z of my life!!!
Tagged by Carolinagal
Before the actual Tag - another ABCD version -

American Born Confused Desi Emigrant
Father Gujarati Housed In Jersey
Kids Learning Medicine Now Owning
Property Quite Reasonable Salary Two
Uncles Visiting White Xenophobia Yet Zestful
(disclaimer - the above is from various sources with some modifications - not original)
A nti - histamins - Its spring and this is my life for the next few months. Antihistamins work as earplugs to curb the noise and get me some sleep, as the pollen from the trees and my sinuses decide to copulate without my consent. The noise from their coitus rattles my nerves and leaving behind colorful trails of love juices.

Gateway of India - Colaba, Bombay
B ombay - No matter what they call it - I am still a BOMBAYITE at heart, soul, mind, body and spirit. Simply love the city and its DENSE aura. This tag could have just been listing A-Z of Bombay that defines me.

C my first initial and chocolates and Capricorn

D my last initial

E nigma - I am to others as well as myself many a times.

F cuk - The most versatile word in the English Language. Hear it in the voice of OSHO - a spiritual guru. No wonder its commonly used by many. (this is hilarious and NSFW - not suitable for work)

G ujarati - Thats what Iam - just an adulterated version from Bombay.

H onda - My first car that I totalled (scrapped) on the 11th day, skidding of the highway in heavy rains.

I nternet - If not for this medium, I dont know how life would have been - it has now become an integral part of my life.

J (ust) Like That Only - JLTO - syndrome - like to do many things this way - without rhyme or reason.

K ites - Love flying them - used to do it for months when a kid - perfect way to be all alone and talk to the skies, the birds, the sun, the wind, the clouds - miss it here though.
L icensed Architect for NJ - took 5 yrs bachelors, 2 masters, 3000+ hours of internship, 9 exams and plus continuing education (have to keep updating myself every year, collect points to keep the license active)

M ba - The (M)ane (B)addhu (A)avvde (Gujarati for I know everything ) people - if the person really knows everything I like them but if they are pretending - then you know what can happen.

N ew York - The city I love after Bombay. Having travelled to many big cities around - I simply love NY as it is closest in spirit to Bombay - physically completly different though - taller, cleaner and not as dense.

O cean - Love walking on the beach, being near it, sand, swimming, jet sking, sunset, sunrise, babes, beers ;) - everything about it (common I am a Tum right!!!)- recommendation - South Beach Florida

P az Vega - I like this Spanish actress - (spanglish was one hollywood movie) - very free spirited - we share the same birthday.

Q atar - Reminds me of this city when peole keep enforcing "krupaya prateeksha kijeye, aap qatar me hai" Please wait you are in 'Q" - now if I have to wait Why dont I have a choice of Paris or London or Bombay!

R oads - This is where I spend a lot of time getting lost, nostalgic, thoughtful, enigmatic - with my best friend (mentioned later).

S andwich - The best food on earth - can combine anything and everything in between two slices of bread - and can get variety of tastes - my survival food - am an eggetarian - and still can find abundance of things to pack in between.

T ime - I am extra punctual and it irritates people - Indian here want to work on Indian Stardard Time - means arrive an hour after the decided meeting time - even after an hour I am first.....had this one incident - was invited to a birthday party in NY - reached on time at 7.30. Parking in the city is more expensive than food - called this couple up - said that they havent still left home - I was like WTF - so he says why dont you take some drinks - I will get the tab -OKAYYYY - he regrets that moment till date - I drank like a fish.

U mbrella - dont like carrying it ever - like to get wet.

V olkswagen - My best friend with whom I spend those cosy moments on roads.

W ander - My favorite hobby - forests, beaches, roads, parks - I just like to wander to wilderness.

X aviers Boys' Academy- My school - I miss it every day....

Y why - Sometimes I wish I can stop asking so many questions....

Z yrtec (anti histamin tablet) to stop that deep grinding noise the pollen and sinuses are making!!!!

Wow!!! This was long - most people have done this tag - whosoever is still interested - be my guest - but you still have to pay the bill :)


A Pause in Time Slows you Down

Started a new blog - now have to keep it chugging..The link is across ------------>
Have been drinking lot of Campbell Alphabet Soup.

Had been tagged by Carolinagal - on ABCD's about me. There are some alphabets that dont like me - cant get them to talk to me. So the soup - trying to be friends with them. Hopefully next post I will post that.
Lastly - Have been putting up posts like God's Inc. Guess what he is listening or sending me some signals - telling me to stop tinkering with HIM or accept calls from other and ask him the PERTINENT QUESTIONS.

Maybe I will get zapped just like my laptop did yesterday - we parted ways after 4 year relationship. There were bouts when it got red and hot and angry and simply shut down - had to wait and console it to work. Finally it bade farewell. Now I am back in the market - Single again and looking for another mate for my E-life.

The reason I say that is at work I recently finished a big addition to a Mosque. Designing an addition and alteration to a Temple and today got invited to the to a Church.

I will be slow at responding and visiting for few days.


New Blog

I have started a new blog where I will scribble Short Stories periodically.

Here is the link.
Short Stories

Copied the first story from this blog - The Red Card

and posted a new one - Mismatch

Hope you enjoy it.



6 Words Memoir _ Update_4

Tagged by Jeevy and an earlier link provided in a comment by Preethi in my post Lifes Resume

A Memoir in Six words.

Chintan Desai aka Ceedy (my pen name)

Slipped from Doctors Hands at Birth

I tag everyone whosoever is interested on my Blogroll

There was a lot of interest and lot of memoirs - I am collectively posting them here:
Good to know what each one is thinking and experiencing.

Jeevy : Perched between twin realities of shadow worlds
-xh-Anoop : When God got bored,created me
Ankur : Reincarnated after cheated at lovers end
Mel : I live and die for Christ
Carolinagal : (I) Don't drink, (I) just sip a lot.
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Backpakker : I am not what I am
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ReetaSkeeter : Wikkidness born with an innocent face
Noushy Syah : Without you I won't be here
Solitaire : My apartment ruined by Midwestern floods
Cinderella : 'Struggling with the 6 word memoir..' !!
Pavi!!!!! : Pavi's last conversation with U


जिन्दगी का Suffer

Remember the famous song "Zindagi Ka Safar" from the movie "Safar" sung by the legendary Kishore Kumar.

Replacing the word Safar (meaning journey) with Suffer (Look at the different meanings and connotations of the word) here is my take on the individual lines of the song in the current times.

Had attempted similar post with a dialogue from Sholay - titled "RGV ki Aag Ceedy Ka Pani" a while back and had got rave reviews and feedback - so am reposting this one (had posted it in pre bloggie friends era)

Structure of the post:
Original song in Hindi - English Translation (found here online)
Usual banter
The Hindi script is provided by Blogger (not a perfect tool ) and there are many spellings errors - overlook them (this is not an Hindi Exam!!!)

जिन्दगी का Suffer हे ये कैसा Suffer - (Channel of life, what sort of ride it is)
Replacing the word सफर with Suffer makes the song appropriate for most of us.

कोई समझा नहीं कोई जाना नहीं - (No one understands no one knows)
(Life is a complex program - more close knit than probably the code for Microsoft and yes GOD did not design it to be Open Source)

है ये कैसी डगर चलते हैं सब मगर - (What sort of road is it everyone walks on it but)
(People are not patient enough to walk - speed is the in thing and time is a expensive commodity thus everyone is on the move and now we are worried about the planet being warm instead of the warmth to sharee with fellow beings)

कोई समझा नहीं कोई जान नहीं - (No one understands it, no one knows)
(Complexity and contradiction - thats what life is - difficult to comprehend but fun nontheless)
जिन्दगी को बहुत प्यार हमने किया - (I have loved life a lot)
(Honestly I would like to meet someone who just loves life as meted out to him/her. Not trying to escape or change through the medium of philosophy, religion, bias etc etc.)

मौत से भी मोहब्बत निभाएंगे हम - (I will even welcome death with love)
(This is not in our hands but if you do live everyday of the life as it is the last day on earth and if you wake up next day feel its a bonus and time to parteee again for a day then you are in love with Death - come when you have to dear I am ready)

रोते रोते ज़माने में आये मगर - (I came into the word crying)
(Now this always amuses me - that a baby has to cry when it is given birth or else there is an issue - now what baby will not cry - imagine sqeezing yourself out of a narrow tube - and try not to whimper - ever wonder how the toothpaste feels every morning )

हंसते हंसते ज़माने से जायेंगे मगर - (Will leave this world cheerfully)
(This is not in our hands - its the embalmers and funeral directors job to make us DEAD look cheerful - also am not sure but many others around will be really cheerful once I am gone)

जाएंगे पर किधर है किसे ये खबर - (But where will I go, who knows this)
(This is solely dependent on your bank balance and visa approvals in case of personal travels and placement manager or clients mood in case of work)

कोई समझा नहीं कोई जान नहीं - (No one understands, no one knows)
(How can we seem to understand HIS masterplan when we are paying for bottled water or pure Oxygen (there are Ozone bars in some cities) - something that was given to us free - it is matter of time - along with our miniral water bottle - we will be saying"Oh I like breating Bisleri")

ऐसे जीवन भी हैं जो जिए ही नहीं - (There are souls who have have not lived life )
(Most bloogies will agree -Live life on ones on terms - try doing it and you are squashed by peer pressure or personal conquests of balancing the daily rut - every person in the world goes thru this - we are killing our native souls)

जिनको जीने से पहले ही मौत आ गयी - (They died before living a life)
(Definately once the soul is dead how does the physical body matter - these are just zombies awake on the assembly line called LIFE)

फूल ऐसे भी हैं जो खिले ही नहीं - (There are flowers that never blossomed)
(Flowers blossoming - have you seen the pollution in the cities)

जिनको खिलने से पहले फिजा खा गई - (Those who have been killed by Fizaa (climate) before blooming)
(Now Who the fcuk is Fizaa - shoot the M*&^%$ F&^%$#)

है परेशान नज़र थक गए चारागर - (The eyes are worried, the world is tired)
(No wonder sitting in front of the computer and seeking technical support from Smell or Yech Pee - or solving American Local or Vpatel credit card issue - help from the call centers - what else do you expect)

कोई समझा नहीं कोई जान नहीं - (No one understands no one knows)
(My little advice fellow reader - Dont even try it - just live life or else you will end up writing posts like this)


Kill Bill

Few questions for all my fellow blog readers:

The last post that I tackled - as pointed out by almost everyone was very "diplomatic". I am not trying to justify anything here - the way I tackled it was:

- For what I like about women - Tried to see positive in all the things that a woman does naturally - something most guys complain about

- What changes guys should make in their lives - Here again portrayed many instances from observing many friends and couples what guys keep doing that make the woman angry......

So just pondering - if possible do answer these :

Is it wrong to keep quiet? Accept the other person as they are - or is it better to keep nagging and confront them.

Does keeping quiet all the time means that he/she could be taken for granted - and say once this he/she does loose their cool - they become the meanest people around.

Are we all tuned in to accept negative reactions towards us - so much so that when one is trying to be nice we feel that he/she has some ulterior motive.

If say you do commit some grave errors and confess or accept them - even then you are constantly ridiculed - will you keep quiet, fight it out or simply walk away from the situation.

Thus like my friend Calvin - my brain is trying to kill me too


Ying Tag Yang

Tags galore:
Pavi -few (how many ever u can think of) traits in men that they think are not so good (PS: Not Hate!) and need to change.
Solitaire - Ten Things You LIKE About The Opposite Gender
Since there is no clear cut answers -I feel both of these go hand in hand so will tackle them together.
Disclaimer: This post is based on personal experiances, it in no way resembles or focuses on any one particular gender.
Finally I bought the new game for my Dis - playstation - Ying Yang - by Bony Productions.
Premise of the game is simple : there is a couple living together in an apartment - you have to determine the next move for each player - if correct you get plus points and negative points for a wrong answer.....plus points leads to successful relationship and negative leads to disastors

Rules: The simplest rule that I could have ever encountered for a game - "Think and behave naturally - and act accordingly". The last game that had only one page instruction was a real toughie - so I knew I was doomed.......

Additional Instructions: Many games one plays has multiple levels - stage 1 to infinity and it becomes difficult as one increses in stages - this particular game is designed to be categorized in multiple ages - not levels.
I bought the one called YOUTH FACTOR - additonal titles like CHIDHOOD CRAPOMANIA, PUBERTY HANGUPS, MIDDLE AGE CRISIS AND OLD AGE SENILITY are also available.

The game -
Pick selections
Players - I picked professional woman and man
House layout - Picked one with one bedroom called "Started Apartment"
Time frame - I picked a week (wanted to see how the game was)
Objective - This game is based on real life differences between the gender. Think "Natural " to gain points.
Press "Start" to begin.
(taking a deep breath - I pressed "Start")
Monday morning -
Man takes charge of the morning proceedings
Man - Wakes up puts the coffee - decides to go read the paper - forgets about the coffee - reading the paper - switches on the TV - looks at the news anchor and relaizes he has to iron his shirt - coffee is still burning - paper is strewn all over the table - TV is on and off he goes to iron the clothes.....she wakes up and tells him the coffee is burning
What is the mans reaction - (here I have to pick the correct answer - help me out)
- Rushes to see the coffee and forget about the shirt
- Remembers to switch of the iron before going to check the coffee
- Simply gets bugged as says "Why cant you shut off the coffee - cant you see I am late"

Went thru couple of stages all interesting - stopped on Thursday Morning
Woman takes charge of the morning proceedings
Woman - Wakes up. First goes and picks the paper - lays it neatly on the table (anticipating breakfast). Goes and puts the coffee on the pot - goes out and sets the iron table facing the TV...enough time to shut the coffee off and come back and iron her dress and see TV - he wakes up, "Where is the paper and is the coffee ready and whats the news......" She tells him everything is set.
She does this because:
- She is a natural multitasker and can think ahead of the next move
- She loves him way too much
- Has accepted his daily ramblings and sees no point in arguing

Then I flipped thru couple more days - Reached Saturday evening.
Man - Was out playing football with friends - Invites two of his buddies to accompany him to his home for some drinks - calls his wife who is partially working from home - I am coming home with my buddies - can you make something to eat that you made last week - it was awesome - she stops her work to prepare that awesome stuff - its only sometimes he appreciates her and is pleased that he remembered that - she forgets about her work and its importance - meanwhile she straightens the house for the guests.
Guys comes home - dirty shoes and mud - all over the floor to the bathroom - bathroom is a muck - sofas/cushions are all helter skelter - beer bottles everywhere - food dishes slid below the table - in the end it looks like a hurricane just hit.
End of the night she starts to clean up on her own inspite of her pending work -
he looks at her - stretches his arms - and
- Helps her clean up
- Says honey I am tired will do it tommorow
- Simply goes and sleeps

Last I flipped to the last day Sunday at the mall
Woman - We need to buy the following items -
Matching curtains for the new cushion covers that we bought last week for the new sofa that we had ordered to match the carpet that was gifted to us for this new apartment
Have to buy a silver toaster to replace the one working to match the silver blender and coffee machine that we got as our anniversary so everything looks even
Need to buy a new dress with matching accesories and shoes for "X"'a party - and need to get you another white shirt and black pant
The guys applauds her -
- Because she is so visionary that she takes care of all the minute details of their life - without which it will be drab
- Thinks big and say - if not for women - there would be a lull in the economy - if they did not spend - it will lead to recession - also appreciating the fact that because of their innate quality for nitpicking - it challenges designers and manufacturers to up their game
- Why cant she do all this and let me be alone so I can goof off as if I tell her to buy a certain color or item - it will be rejected anyways - and deemd I am trying to get things done fast as I am bored of this trip already in 15 minutes.

Wow!!!! what a game - have to leave now or else I will be late for a meeting that I setup five days ago and told THEM to come on time when I am going to be late - while I still have to eat lunch and fill fuel and..........


"Left" Abandoned

This is a repeat post - want to share it again to more readers.
I am a "total LEFT handed person". A "southpaw"

Here in the United State there is a building code (bylaws) called ADA (Americans with Disability Act). It regulates the building designs in order to accomodate people with any diability - handicap, blind, hearing impaired. The law came about so that the disabled dont feel neglected and are able to participate to their best abilities in all different activities that a normal person performs.

Now in my case - I feel there should be a "World Lefties Act". We are a minority- approximately 17% of the world population (as posted in my earler post 23&ME). Apart from social stigma attached to being a lefty in certain cultures - this statement that I read reflects my constant challenges with me being ME

"In 2007, researchers discovered LRRTM1, the first gene linked to increased odds of being left-handed. The researchers also claim that possessing this gene slightly raises the risk of psychotic mental illnesses such as schizophrenia"

I will cite my reasons why I think the above law should be enacted - there are so many things a "left handed" person cant do or simply enjoy or has to adjust to - this is a list from personal experiences and research on net

- Scissors are always designed for Right Handed Person (No wonder I failed all my craft lessons but was good at abstract art)

- Fold flap chairs in school/colleges are always right handed - (I had to take two desks, one to sit and the other to write on - with the ire of anyone sitting next to me)

- Computer Mouse in all public places and libraries is always on the RIGHT. (But I dont complain - it made me ambidextrous)

- Glad that I will never be able a sharp shooter - all Firearms are designed exclusivly for right handed people

- Japanese kitchen knives are Right Handed (so cant be a Sushi Chef)

- Most vegetable peelers are Right Handed (Have to look for one to use it with both hands)

- Any ATM or check out scanner or a automated ticket booth is always geared towards the Righties. (Need to find out if Lefties spend less money due to this)

- Most Musical Instruments are right handed

- Most sports luckily are designed for both the hands baring - golf or hockey which are Right Specific. (Try asking for a Left Handed Driver in a golfing range)

- I only get two choices of seats when I go out to restaurants with friends. It has to be either end left corner. (Good part is I always get to order - bad because the bill lands on my lap)

- Ever realize when people say "Yeah Right" "Ahh Right" "All Right" - how do we lefties feel.

- The other big rejection I face all the time is forwarding my hand at a temple to accept favours (prasadam) - invariably my left hand goes up and Mr. Swami looks at me like I am some retard.

So I hope someday there is a Lefties Union who fight for our survival -
and makes us feel "Left Accepted" rather that "Left Abandoned"



Tagged by Pavi to do a SWOT analysis - personal perception of the below:
- Love to explore many different things - (life has so much to offer)
- Have a photographic memory (am able to recollect things whether client details, book pages or places I have travelled to)
- Always see the positive in any situation (beleive everything that happens has a reason )
- Can visualize and sketch precisely in 3 dimensions (part of it is training as an architect)
- Can gauge peoples mood and intentions and react accordingly (helps dealing with clients)
- Always jovial, you cannot have a dull moment around me
- Need only 6 hours of sleep - and am a good power napper (10 mins ) and I will be fresh

- Cannot say NO to anyone - end up doing most of the work for others
- Curb my resentments and avoid arguments - it bites back eventually
- Being jovial always is a weakness as people think I am never serious
- Being inquisitive for many things makes me restless
- Can be ruthless sometimes (speakah the truth) as I am upfront

This is vague as this analysis is for business modules
Opportunities in life have to be created - if I feel I can do something or is good for me - I simply go try it - without thinking of consequences
If it works its great and if not - well I learn a good lesson
Atleast there is no - What if I had done this or that.....Its done.

Again this is vague. There are external threats that one cannot forecast - all one can do is be ready to face them.
On the personal front - you could be your worst threat
Say if you have made a mistake - and you keep resenting it - you make yourself and everyone around you sick.....

This was a difficult TAG - a complete LEFT BRAIN activity - logical, rational etc etc, which I rarely use -have never done anything like this before - so Pavi let me know if this was the right direction.


Cold Bliss - Warm Bash

After a long work week, meeting deadlines - decided to vegetate this weekend. Went to visit my dear friend Forest Watchung (wikipedia link)- a part of natural reserve that I ventured into accidently. Last I was here was in November.

It has been brutal cold out here this year (where is global warming when we really need it ) - almost below freezing whole of last week - still ventured out to take a walk with a friend.

Sharing some pictures and thoughts.

Lake Surprise

Wow!!!! were his first words

White ketchup on tender log

Sleeping snuggly in her white quilt
Mother Earth looked so tranquil
Prodding carefully lest I wake her
Melting ice swooshing under my feet
Tis matter of time
Busy she will be soon
Caring for new born babies
Sprouting on these barren branches
Opening the gates for the breeze
To cradle them
Adorning the shrubs
With rainbow colored flowers
Inviting the birds and the bees
To sing lullabies
Wiping the mist of suns face
To let it shine
Setting free the butterflies
To do a happy dance
Calling Deers, ducks and squirrels
To tickle her

Rest dear Mother
Come I will soon
To enjoy your
Spring Bash!