Alphabets : 2.0

With the advent of new technology kids today know much more about computers and stuff related to it then most adults.

Keeping this in mind I think that Alphabets taught in schools should now be upgraded to a newer version Alphabets 2.0. the reason I want to give it a number is that these are terms prevalent today - they could very well be replaced in the next few years and so Alphabets should evolve too.

Many kids today already know these terms so it will be easier for them to grasp and learn.

The format of the new Alphabet 2.0 should be as follows : (included common terms can be altered depending on ones technology inclination)

A - Apple/Applet/Android
B - Bluetooth/Blackberry/Bandwidth/Bookmark
C - Computer/Cable
D - Driver/Data/Desktop
E - Email/Ethernet
F - Facebook/Font
G - Google/Gigabyte
H - Hard drive/HDTV
I - I phone/Internet/Inbox
J - Java/Joystick
K - Keyboard/Kindle
L - Laptop/LAN
M - MPEG/Menu/Megabyte
N - Navigate/Num Lock
O - Offline/Output
P - P2P/Password
Q - QWERTY/QuickTime
R - RAM/Refresh
S - Smartphone/Sync/Storage/Sim Card
T - Twitter/Torrent
U - Upload/URL/Username
V - Video/Virtual/Version
W - Web/Windows/Webcam/Wikipedia
X - Xga
Y - YouTube/Yahoo
Z - Zip/Zynga

Do you think he really cares for A for Apple (the fruit), B for Ball, C for Cat....