Me and Mrs. Muller-32 Days

Where is Mrs. Muller? Maria
She is dead. Taken aback I dropped the gift.
What do you mean she is dead

Hey Maria make a sandwich for Ceedy
And a coffee for me
I am feeling tired with all these painkillers

This is going to make her happy I thought
Tommorow I will gift it to her
I am happy to lighten her pain and suffering

I wish my kids were here today
Sam might come to meet me for New Years
I will be able to see him finally in a month.

She feels I am her son!!! going by the note
This digital photo frame will make her happy.
Maybe I can click pictures of Maria and café and gift it to her

I love this garlic shrimp: Maria you are a darling
Love to come here and meet everyone
Helps me forget my loneliness

The note read : Sorry young man
I fell in the bathroom yesterday, could not sit longer
See you Monday morning Son!!!

Ceedy is late today, maybe caught up at work – its Friday before the weekend.
I cant sit anymore, this pain is unbearable
Give this note to him Maria - See you all on Monday


Adios 2007:Share a smile with Calvin and Hobbes

Probably my last post of the Year. Want to share a smile with all my real and e-friends.
Hope this coming year brings you whatever you seek.
I have the entire collection of Calvin and Hobbes all of ten years - some COOL ones for the season.
(know someone will ask if I love cartoons - which I do - and that is a post I promise in the coming months - its importance to get me thru many a tough times :)

Happy New Year folks !!!!! Enjoy.


Santa Bhai (Mr. Santa)


Taare Zameen Par - An Interpretation

Finally the day arrived and I was able to see the first day first show like many other Aamir Movies I have watched in the past. Had a half day at work, movie was playing near the office - off I went - was the only lukha I guess - as I was the only one to see the first show besides the person who had rented the theater here in Newark, NJ.

TZP is about recognizing the inner hidden talents, respecting the individual for his characeteristics, letting the child be a child and about looking at life not as a competetion of like minded people but a garden where all different flowers having different shades, colors and fragrance can exist.

TZP manages to ask so many questions at so many level and is about children - what better way to interpret it than asking questions and allow the readers to be children and count - and decide if they will like the movie. Take a paper and pencil and write down the answeres for these questions.

First 3 questions about AK and the movie

a) Do you like Aamir
1- Yes I love him
2- Sometimes
3- No he is an ego maniac and I hate him

b) Do you expect something different from AK
1) Yes, certainly do
2) Lets see, if he delivers
3) His mouth is bigger than his films

c) Do you like movies that are slow but meaningful
1) Yes certainly do,
2) Yes only if the message is worth it
3) I like fast paced - non sensical movies

Now about yourself:

d) Do you always feel that nobody understands you
1) Yes
2) Sometimes
3) No, I am very explicit and confirming

e) Do you question life and its nuances
1) Yes, always
2) Sometimes depends on what it is
3) Life is just about answers, we have to live it

f) Do you like to think outside the box
1) Yes, always, there is a solution for all problems
2) Maybe, it all depends on what the defination is
3) What box! Everyone should just follow the norms

g) Do you feel that anything you do is always wrong - thus instead of explaining it - you fight with others to leave you alone
1) Yeah thats me
2) I sometimes do wrong but like to explain
3) I am never wrong

h) Solitude is my best friend
1) Yeah that certainly is
2) When I am down I want to be alone but otherwise I like to be around people
3) If I am not around people who will adore me

i) Your views about children
1) Adore them - they are the light of life
2) I like older kids - real little ones are a pest
3) Why cant they be born straight as teens?

j) Rules in society have to be followed no matter what
1) Rules can be broken and new ones formed - thats progress
2) Cetain aspects need to have rules and certain can be thought about
3) Rules are there for a reason - one should not tamper with it.

Hope you enjoyed this little questionnaire - See the comments section for interpretation.


Sliver of Hope

Thoughts while taking this picture -
There is a whole past shining upon us
Reflections of war, tragedies, acheivement, joy, pleasure............
History is in a constant process of being created
You are always standing at the crossroads between the past and the future
Darkness within you is bound to come at different points of time
But there is a sliver of hope
There is always that beyond
Grab it while you can..........


Kite Runner - Fly your own Kite !!!!

Hey friends - most of you must be aware of the book Kite Runner - By Khaled Hosseini.
Now you can watch it as a movie : Kite Runner - The Movie
An interesting feature within the website : Fly Your Kite - Be Good Again

Dont forget to check out the Kite I flew for all fellow bloggers who visit me -
On the Be Good Again webpage there is a search bar on lower left corner -
Type "ceedy" there and then click on the Kite to see the message

Thats the Kite waiting !!!!!!



Transparent and brilliant
A while to form it took
Floating first in Neverland
Appeared to the vision
Settled in its surroundings
Disturbed but exhilerated
Cajoled and conquered
Shone and shared
Melted and Withered
Back into Neverland
All in a day
Following the same
Rythem and pattern
From inception to death
Why then does it take
Us a lifetime


Outsourcing American Presidency

Reading a recent article, I noticed that the approval rating for American Presidents has been a low 60% among its last five presidents.
Maybe its time for them to think different and Outsource its Presidency.

Lets say they Outsource it to India - my viewpoint on some Advantages to both the coutries (readers are welcome to add more)

1) They will be an ON CALL 24/7/365 President
2) Even a primary school student in India will have a better IQ than Dubya (Bush) - and the person will work on 1/4 the salary
3) The President will be a corporate entity who will be overlooked by a Board of Directors
4) They dont have to worry about interns and sex scandles
5) Cricket will become Prime Time here (my personal agenda)
6) Bollywood will get lot more masala to make more MASALA FILMS
7) Indian will get the best security personal working in India to protect the President - will help make the desi Pandu Hawaldars a little professional
8) In India over and above the many holidays we enjoy we will get Presidents Day, Veterens Day, Memorial Day etc etc American Holidays too
9) They will be able to enjoy the real RICE and not this Condi...
10) India-Pak dispute will be amicably resolved as now they will have to be ally to India in the non existent war on terror

I think I should copyright this idea.....


U Tube

Some interesting You Tube Videos.
Instructions :
Total time needed to see all three - 6.74 minutes.
Disclaimer :
The above time is as shown on You Tube......watchers should account for additional time based on their personal whereabouts and connectivity speeds :)
Credits :
To everyone who has time to create these videos - and make me ignore work :)

For Calvin and Hobbes Lovers

Sand Art

Women In Art

And finally I got my client to scribe my name in Chinese.


Thoughtprovoking Cartoons

when life depends on others approval - its always precarious

vagaries of war

the grass is not always greener on the other side
dont take things for granted - nobody is invincible
finally - personal favorite -
on going war between mind and heart

- special thanks to a friend for sending me this and many more :)


Tag - Dhi Na Dhin

Was tagged twice not so long ago.....finally decided to dwell into them and write them down:
Tag 1 : (by pri)
5 Things in My Room:
My Writing Pad and Pen (for every little thing i scribble it down or sketch it)
My windows to the outside world (one real window for light and air and my bills gates's window for rest of the stuff)
Books - lots of them and all kinds - simultaneosly reading 5 different books depending on mood
Hard Drives loads of music -desi, english and hinglish and movies - in short my entertainment center)
Thought Balloons (every now and then there is some thought that I have - i blow it into a imaginary balloon and let it float in the room - in times of solitude - i burst few and carry them on - beleive me the mind stays light and the thoughts dont dissolve)

5 Things in my Bag
Sorry I dont carry any - like some other blogger had mentioned earlier - probably this was created by girls - mere bag me tereh bag se kam samaan kaise !!!!( how come my bag is lighter than yours)

5 Things in my Wallet
Wallet is the physical existent identifier of who I am in this country - and with relevant safety resources
License - identity
Credit Cards -need to eat and fill fuel
AAA Card - American Automobile Association card - for emergency situations like car break down - accidents etc etc
Medical Insurance Card - a must as I am on the road a lot - never know what can happen
Metro Card and NY Pocket Map - love New York - so carry it in my wallet with a metro card for the subways.

Phew!!!!!!There I finished the first tag.

Tag 2 : (by jaggu)
My 8 Habits - Facts in Life

1) Beleive in myself - to a point that people think I am despotic - but its part of my training as an architect - where if I dont beleive in my design how can I build something for someone - has now become my inherent quality
2) Movies and Music - anytime anywhere no matter whats happening in the world - I can watch a movie or listen to some sounds from any part of the world
3) Books - as described above love to read
4) Experiment with Food - am a vegeterian and love to cook so experiment with different cuisines from all around the world and give them a vegeterian twist - well honestly have not required to cross that line as yet - find everyone happy to serve you their version of vegeterian food - and have eaten in restaurants here from almost 24 different countries and cuisines.
5) Tea - love desi chai (tea) - can drink it anytime, anywhere -
6) Chocolate - damn this is my weakness - really in any form - chocolate bars and candies, truffles, cakes, mousse, bourbon biscuits, chocolate milk, chocolate horlicks and complan :P......
7) Rum and Coke (previously old monk and thumps up ) - dont know how long and how many i must have had -but always go back to my dear old rum - reasons are simple -
Gam ka Sathi Rum (friend in the time of sadness is rum)
Khushi mai bhi hamesha saath denge Hum (will also be you friend when sharing happiness)
8) Travel all over
Thats it - how I wish life was as simple and straightforward as doing this tag. I dont want to tag anyone - if you like it pick it up and let me know when you complete it so I can visit you and read it.



Was anxiously waiting for her to come.....and she finally did - virgin lady snow - and went away leaving me with a memory to anxiously wait for her again - I ventured out to greet her - here are some pictures and my love for her.

footprint in the snow of time

in all its glory - pinebrook, new jersey

at a pond in the forest - pinebrook, new jersey

Serene and pure
Spreading her whiteness across the expanse
Lay the beautiful virgin

Captivated by her brilliance
Showered the heavens little flakes
Embellising her diaphanous gown

Inviting every weary soul in her embrace
She mesmerized them
Rose thus the shining star from behind the mountains

Radiating his brilliance across her
Masked her with his glory
She sighed

Slowly caressing her every curve
With the first kiss to her luscious lips
She melted in his arms

The gown bore the creases
Of their ecstatic nuptial
Virgin she was no more