Lunar Eclipse 2010 - December 21st.

The Conditions : Time 1.00 m to 5.10 Am, Clear skies, Cold temperatures around 2 C (35 F) to -2 C (27 F) but extremely windy feels like -7 or -8 C.

Photo showing the windy conditions at 4.00 in the morning - taken with a 2 sec exposure

The Event : It just only a Lunar Eclipse of 2010 but it was the first total lunar eclipse to fall on a winter solstice in 372 years. The last time a lunar eclipse corresponded with a winter solstice, or the annual day when the Earth's axis is tilted farthest from the sun, was Dec. 21, 1638. See this website shows the animation of the eclipse : (link) Shadowsandsubstance
The way in which the moon changed its color from white to getting dark to suddenly becoming bright red/orange - seemed like a girl (in this case moon) was blushing when the guy (the earth) took her in her embrace....

A truly spectacular view at around 3.17 Am - when the moon is within the Umbra shadow region of the Earth - Total Eclipse.

The Spectacle : Following pictures taken from 12.30 Am (from before the Eclipse began) to around 4.30 Am (just when it came out of the Eclipse)