Unfortunately Fortunate

(this is my own repeat post - from when I only had few readers - but want to share with more people and get more inputs)

The views put forth may not go very well with many readers - but this is something I do beleive and want to share it. I am not immune to emotions but I think I have the strength to overcome it.
All our lives we are somehow morose or sad and are always finding a reason
Why somethings did not go the way we wanted it to or assumed it to be.
Why do WE have to face these sudden changes.
What have I done to get this and so on and so forth.
Happiness goes in a blink but sadness stares at us forever.We trap ourselves into a cycle of self "mental molestation".
What happens is that we tend to forget the great moments of our life, or just remember them as a sad memory, and also at the same time loose all this current precious time in our lives.
Everyone faces this quandary in all walks of life - career, family, relationships, friends........Sometime ago I read this little quote "I've learned that our background and circumstances may have influenced who we are, but we are responsible for who we become." and in my solitude I mulled over it and it got me thinking (something that I do naturally every moment of life).
Arent we all slaves of our own doing. We want freedon from every aspect our our lives but dont have the strength to gain freedom from our very sad self. Freeing yourself from sadness to live those little moments of happiness that you experienced is what I think makes you fortunate in the most unfortunate circumstances.
I think one should feel fortunate that we have LIFE and try hard not to waste its nuances by going on celebrating sadness. Instead celebrate those moments that were really exhilerating in , relationship, career, family, friends - that you currently miss - feeling lucky that you had a chance to experience those great unforgetable moments. (many people dont ever get a chance to experience it)
Try hard to take that as a positive experience - Enrich the SELF, strengten your SOUL. A person who you are not aware of exists within you....
It is easier said then done and many people think that this is a selfish unemotional approach - I agree but I am trying hard to be responsible for what I become henceforth and not blame the circumstances and the world for where I am currently -

"Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift, that's why it is called the present." -- Elenor Roosevelt


Professional Chinese Whisper

click to decipher

This was sent to me by a fellow architect friend last week.
This scenario is geared towards us poor optimist architects who always dream and try to make something out of nothing.
But this might as well pertain to all other professional/consulatant professions where one has to rely on a command chain to execute a simple idea.


God's Inc (GI) - 2

On September 14 of this year I had a call made to Customer Service at God's Inc.

The transcript of the previous talk can be found here (http://ceedyreflections.blogspot.com/2007/09/gods-inc-gi.html).

Yesterday following up on that call - I got a call back from GI Rep. Last time I was speaking to Travis - a rather stern character. Today my luck I was talking to a chirpy Stacy - something was not feeling right (a hunch)

GI Rep (Stacy) : ME-74 this is Stacy, calling on behalf of God's Inc. How are you doing today, hope you are having a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!

Me: Yes, thank you (in my mind cut the chase tell me the reason for you call fast.....)

GI Rep: I see that you had called a few weeks back and had asked to see if any peripherals were available to upgrade your model ME-74. At that time when you called we were having a secret research going on and did not want to leak out the news. So GOD told you that there is no upgrade availaible.

Me: OK..... (So even GOD lies. Hmmmmm)

GI Rep: As you are aware that we have been constantly monitoring data coming from you and are happy that you have been selected alongwith 11 others out of the total 24 in your design group.
(started again poking my ears, checked my eyes and entire body...to see if there are any probes that are transmitting the signal...)
This upgrade is to make you fellow ME -74's compliant with the future research that we are going to conduct here.

Me: Why are you asking for my consent this time - why like last time am I not told that I am simply designed to transmit data.

GI Rep: This again is confidential data that we cannot divulge. Let me go through the process and you will understand. Tonight post Thanksgiving dinner at 9.30 please go to the balcony and face East. Close your eyes and tap your head three times. We will then start the process of upgrading your database.

Me: Ok....as if I had a choice. (just to be smart) Stacy, thats your name right?

GI Rep: Yes

Me: What if I dont go to the balcony? What then.

GI rep: Sir you are aware that these design desicions are not in your hand. We implement the entire program. Here is what can happen if you dont comply. Thanksgiving dinner is as you know heavy and you will have had wine. You will start to feel nauseous and caustrophobic whereby the only option for you is to be on the balcony outside. Also we will activate the code for severe headache whereby you will have no option but to tap your head. So in short simply just comply.

Me: Ok (damn - why did I open my mouth. Now I understand why this polite girl is talking to me today - Marketing man, marketing - hope she is as hot as she sounds :))

GI Rep: So the update is based on the current technological advances implemented by an Intelligent Design Model Gore-1. We are trying to make Me-74's green and energy efficient. This way the data collected from you will help us design a better versions of Green Models and updates for the ME85-95 derived from you.

Me: Ok. Is there anything special that I will have to do.

GI Rep: No dont worry. Everything has been taken care off. You will do exactly as planned.

Me: Hmpfffff. Ok. Hope it is an useful update. ( I have limited control as I was made to understand before)

GI Rep: Tommorow then we will forward you the relevant documents that you can email back to us - have to make sure that there are no bugs and the upgrade was sucessful.

Me: Ok, thank you, will do as PROGRAMMED. (again I felt all quesy and started to look for that stupid antenna)

GI Rep: And by the way you are not supposed to divulge any information that you email back to us to fellow ME. We understand that you have started a BLOG.

Me: Yeah I kinda know, secret right and if I dont comply I will get a flash and will loose part of my current memory and........Oh!!! One more question, last time you mentioned that you guys were figuring out what went wrong with Bush-2, can I know if there was any progress.

GI Rep: Sorry again confidential, but be assured that we are upgrading and constantly reprogramming Clinton-2 and Obama-1 so that everything comes back to normal. Also we are looking into the possible recommisioning of GORE-1 to head the state as his work to implement Green Design is almost over.

Me: Ok, Thank you. I feel good as there is hope and maybe then my being reprogramed will make sense.

GI Rep: Have a nice day. (Click)

(just sitting here wondering - there are some obvious signs on me after this upgrade, but I cant divulge - GOD's INC gives us all the necessary programs and operating systems but it is left upon us to make them useful and if you stray you stand a chance of being decommisioned)



Starting today is a four day holiday Thanksgiving weekend here in the US. It kind of is the start of holidat season which will last till January encompassing Christmas and New Year.

It is a nostalgic day for me as lots of things have changed in the past one year. Today marks the ninth year I am here in the United States and life is again at the crossroads. But the spirit is much brighter today.

Today marks the busiest travel day of the year when everyone who is away from their home - studying, working, teaching - get together and celebrate the Thanksgiving Dinner.

Also 8 years ago tommorow marks my initiation into the American culture. I was lucky to be part of a Thanksgiving Feast hosted by my German Professor for whom I was a Teaching Assistant at the college here - invited me alongwith a fellow Chinese student, a Banglasdeshi couple, a German girl - exchange student and her Husband who is an Egyptian.
The reason for me to write the different countries is to elaborate that no one of us was an American - all immigrants - all here to expand their horizons in their own ways. Each with a dream and aspiration - separated from near and dear ones back home either because of personal choice or aspirations or need.
She was a very nice lady who invited us knowing that none of us had our families here and also her own son was away and could not make it. A special gesture -as mostly Turkey is served at this dinner - she made vegeterian dishes for me. It was a memorable evening etched forever in my memory.

Today thus I take this opportunity to say Thank You to everyone I have known till now, I have not yet known but are part of this Universe, and extent it to all I will know in the future.

We have been given an identity and placed on this planet. But single handedly we are just objects with with reasoning powers - it is only after the interaction among different people that we get classified and categorized based on our similarities and differences, This is then what defines that identity and it becomes a being.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving !!!!!


Taare Zameen Par

After the two Diwali duds, (almost) OSO and Saawariya, I am anxiously waiting for the next Aamir movie "Taare Zameen Par",- (crazy aamir fan here :)). This is his first directorial debut and hope he is able to pull it off.
Listening to the songs already for the past 10 days.

Here are all the interesting links: (I told you I am crazy):
Official Website
Wikipedia Trivia
Internet Movie DataBase (Imdb) - this is a site where you can see the upcoming projects for different stars, directors, producers, etc. etc. from all over the world....
Songs online
And finally here is the link to Aamirs Own BlogSite

Enjoy !!!!!


Force, Choice, Blessing

I was flippin thru the few days ago and landed on a channel of a motivational - Joel Osteen. I want sure at first about this thin frail looking guy - being an inspiration - but his spirit and the way he adressed caught my attention.
He spoke about some interesting ideas about how people and events are juxtaposed and how it is all a masterplan.

I gave it a serious thought and wanted to share them.
When we are sad, dejected and basically down- we do not want to seek out to others - do not feel like interacting - blame everyone including GOD for our miseries and the state of affairs - we FORCE ourselves into oblivion, self disdain and reproach. It affects every part of our existence - mind, body and soul.
Sometimes we have no CHOICE - either we force someone into a sad situation or someone forces us into one. In the first instance if one is sensitive we keep feeling guilty and in the other the guilt is forced upon - thinking constantly what the heck did I do to get this. But we all have within us that little power to break that choice. Move on with vigour and face life. Can you imagine how have you survived physically so long without any effort ( sometimes you do need elixers). It is a process of survival that is ingrained in us. Can we use it to survive emotional upheavals. I dont know the answer (but its worth exploring)
Coming back to his speech where he said this interesting thing - when we are lost - there is always a new door that is waiting to be opened or opening. In circumstances we meet certain people who pull us out of this - this is what he called the master plan.
You have to meet somebody or get something - it does not pop out overnight - they were put into action way before - going through their own growth and understanding - and when the right moment comes you meet them. So dont despair as there will be something or someone already planned for you and you will surely meet them - FORCE yourself to look at the options - make that a positive CHOICE and it may eventually turn out that all that you are going thru is a BLESSING.


Calvin - My Friend

I wont reiterate my love for Calvin and Hobbes. I have mentioned about them in August (here is the link to the previous post).
This is one simple cartoon but as always I like to analyse the smallest of things. For me this has lots of life lessons embedded within.
Firstly the childhood innocence - you do what you feel like, when you feel like and where you feel like. Nothing, absolutly nothing besides having fun and getting tired and delerious matters. In this case Calvin is enjoying the task of simply nailing the coffee table.
Secondly the apathy when you grow up - you start possessing things - that are valuable in kind but these actually bound your spirits and self as you are always worried about them. Here the apathy on the moms face is evident as her possesion - the table - maybe prized - is being damaged.
Lastly the question "Is this a trick Question" - the ultimate quiz - that we all have in life. In all our daily grind, emotional shrouds, and physical labor to make a living - we do not see what is apparent - we forget how to live - we keep trying to coax, cajole and try to find answers where sometimes none exist.
Some people might see this as a losers attitude - but I differ, I see it as self pride - you can only do so much - beyond it just let it all go - it will come back if it is meant to be - if not like the old sufi song
"सितारों से आगे जहाँ और भी हैं " (there is a world beyond the stars) "
- there will be another door open.
One should always ask that kid within you - the simple questions -it does not mean that we have to behave like one just keep that spirit alive - I experienced it first hand recently what it feels like to be a child again.
Let me know your input while I play with my dear friend Calvin


The Quiet Time

Finally winter has dawned. It was 42d F (5.5d C) today. I dared to venture outside onto the balcony in light clothes. The cold penetrated every part of the body and I felt the chill up the spine. It felt like the forces of nature were shaking me and waking me up. Many of us have a habit of creating a bubble around us because of our fancies - unable to perceive the reality and accept it. This exposure to brutal temperature craked that bubble - a much needed respite.
Around the same time I was experiencing this I witnessed the most beautiful sky at the time of sunset for few minutes Attached is the picture. It calmed my mind and felt very peaceful. I feel a strong urge not to be sad anymore - simply step back, contemplate and make the best of what this situation is offering me.

A quiet time - with nature and the universe - even for a few minutes - makes you realize that life is a wonderful experience and has a lot to offer. It upon us to explore the unknown or brood over the known.



Lat night I became part of the Halloween Parade in New York. A bizarre event where people loose their inhibitions cross dress, put on scary costumes, innovative garbs - making a personal, social or political statement. There was an immense crowd of participants and onlookers - all with simply a purpose to show off and see. Loud music blared from the floats - a mish mash of reggea, rock, techno and other simply some noises banging on metal vessels.
Amidst this crowd and noise and excitement I someohow felt lost. Dont know why it dawned on me but moving around in this huge crowd crushed by all kinds of people I realized that I am a common man - just fighting myself to have aspirations to do something special - and making my life into a self created misery. Why am I doing this to myself - why could I not simply enjoy the parade.
We get into deeper shit with life because of our actions and then everyone around wants to shroud that truth by putting these so called spiritual and religious words that are supposed to somehow magically erase all memories and pains. I feel one should simply tell you the magic word that makes the most impact - You are FUCKED dude. This word has all the conotations and no hidden meanings - one word says it all - you are alone - nobody wants you around - life is a bitch - you are struggling for lost causes - you have to struggle for your existence.......
Sometimes and like yesterday I felt that knowledge - too much of it makes life more complicated and "hollow" and it scares me.