Journalism - 2

The impact of the True democratic principle - Power of the people, by the people and for the people is being currently witnessed in countries like Tunisia and Egypt. Tired of the dictatorial regimes the masses are revolting in big numbers to oust the corrupt ministers.

There are many examples in history during the two World Wars, the holocaust or even in Indian revolution where Tilak started the newspaper Kesari to spread awareness against the British rule.

In this era of Digital revolution with the advent of the new Social Media and Networks for communication like Twitter, Facebook, Wikileaks etc - a whole new wave of peoples participation is taking place. The aim of the resistance is One but there is no one clear leader to guide the process. This is what I find the most interesting. This process is truly the new world of Journalism - 2.

Am not sure of how the whole process will transpire but it is a radical change in the way revolts and revolutions are perceived and initiated.

Just a few questions that I am mulling about -

- Are there more countries to follow suit? North Korea, Cuba....
- Do the people really know what they want or are they just happy to use this freedom of expression that was bottled up for so long?
- Will these revolutions lead to selecting leaders who are maybe worse than people already in power?
- Is this slowly eroding United States so called Power as they are now facing a double edged sword of picking between a dictator or abiding by their principles of true democracy?

Leaving you with a song from John Lennon:


AskObama You Tube

Although skeptical about this process but its an opportunity to voice ones opinions directly to the elected leaders. You Tube is running a campaign AskObama (link) to be aired on January 27, 2011 two days after his State of the Union speech.

You Tube followed all over the world is a great platform to share ones thoughts and ideas and it is noteworthy that Obama is willing to embrace this platform and reach out to a vast array of society.

I have posted my question - for those interested here are the two videos seeking the


Madam X

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Hmm Musings

- With people now meeting via online chats/forums - shouldn't there also be a category for DEAF n DUMB dates along with Blind Dates?

- Due to the severe dent in the economy prevalent right now - all job seeking forms now will have a third category for those seeking jobs - full time, part time and "sometime" jobs (jobs that at least scrapes one through their bills)

- Do not despair or feel proud when someone tells you that you are one in a million - It means in India and China there are at-least 1000 others exactly like you.

- How come most people know how to swim in the Gene Pool but not the Swimming Pool?

- A friend told me that God tests all the people He loves - people who go through bad periods in their lives - now what if I have not studied for this test or want to opt out of this course?

- Lastly looking at this image.....

Are these a result of abandoned prayers or loss of faith?


Postcards from the Winter Wonderland

It has been snowing crazy this year. Two storms since the new year and one more to come tomorrow. Here are some pictures in the West Hudson Park, Kearny, NJ - near my apartment from the snow storm of last Friday.

Dog is the Master of the Ceremony
Snow - way!!!
Winter Wonderland
Brave Hearts
(considering it was close to minus 9 D Celsius or 15 F)
Mother Nature never Ceases to Inspire
There is no light but Just snow at the end of this Tunnel