So we are saved from a Judgement Day - is it? May 21st as proclaimed was going to be the end of the world but it was not - should we be sad or happy???

Anyways if such weird ideas can become worldwide phenomenon I have few that atleast can make one smile...

- We all read expiry dates on packages - Right?
Now my question is what is this expiry date's time - is it morning, evening or night? What if this package or good is transported to a different time zone - does it prolong the expiry time or it perishes faster. What about information on exterior factors like humidity, temperature, heat/cold etc - do these make a difference. How are we supposed to just part with something just because it says Expires on so and so date....

- Waiting Rooms in Hospitals - most of us probably have been there.
Why is this room not called the Healthy Ward? Like the Psychiatric, Maternity, Surgical etc wards. Why is it called a Waiting Room - are be waiting to be sick and transported to one of these wards?

- What if Steve Jobs was around at the time of Genesis?
Would Eve had bit the Apple or simple played with it? If God wanted Eve to bite the Apple would Steve Jobs have created an Apple Vibrator or would he have charged God for extra upgrades to make the Apple soft to be bitten.

- Microsoft in their interviews used to ask why are manhole round.
It did baffle many applicants - but if I were at that interview I would confront the interviewer - Why are the called Manholes? Man has few holes in their bodies to carry out respective functions. Should not these holes be called Road Holes or Sidewalk Holes or Highway Holes?

- It took 10 years for the "Intelligence Service" - 10 full years to find Osama.
Now people working in the "Intelligence Services" got paid for nothing for 9 years plus minus. Have you ever tried telling your superiors - I am looking into the matter - will take me say 3-4 days to resolve this. What will be the bosses reaction?

Are you Baffled or Simple bored reading this post - like the kids in the above picture - I don't blame you - it was just a little waste of your time not the END of the WORLD - was it?