Gods Inc VI

This is the sixth write up in this series called Gods Inc. To read the previous stories click on the label on the right.

Due to the dire strait in the world economy and misjudged investments by the God - the program to update us Me74's was on a hold for the past few months.

If you are new reader here - just to catch up. I am a Me74 with 23 others like me that are strewn all over the world - world in this case is EARTH INC - one of the major companies in the God's Inc Portfolio. I have been sent here to simply collect data and not analyze or think and transmit this data so that it allows for research of better machines to be produced in the future. In the past few months due to some bad investments God had to sell of Pluto and some other asteroids in order to collect money to revive Earth Inc. He along with the major corporations of Saturn LLC, Jupiter Megamachines and Mercury Mania - all three major producers of thinking machines - got a stimulus package from the Intergalactic Bank.

So finally due to this stimulus - Me74 - the program that was put on the shelf is resuscitated.

I have started to work in full swing and here is the first piece of data that I am supplying. 51 years ago - God's Inc had partnered with Plastic Metamorphosis Corp, that is situated in the outer rims of galaxy. They had meticulously planned a Highly Effective Entertainment Module called Jackson. Today being his 51st anniversary of implementation - this investment by God seems to have worked fine as many pods that meander on Earth Inc in these part of the factory premises are blaring Jackson's oratory refined sensations over and over again to pay tribute to him. Well my task as usual does not end there - I was to collect data to find out why this Mega Machine disintegrated before its time.

This was a special update that I was wired to when they revived me. The whole machine that plastic Metamorphosis designed for Jackson was working fine. They had designed so that a dark skinned machine slowly metamorphosed into a white skinned machine. They also supplied the necessary parts to change the nasal cavities, the ear lobes, the lips to make it look more realistic. Their program was immaculate baring one glitch - the time line on the program was 50 years and then after that 50 years the machine was supposed to metamorphose into dark skin thus giving it a longevity. At the time of implementation scientist from Plastic Metamorpohsis only had been able to design the first part and at that time GOD because he wanted to gain Industrial Supremacy insisted that they implement Jackson and then take the 50 odd years to research and upgrade him to last another 50 years.

As always once Jackson was implemented and highly successful - GOD became lazy on his payments to Plastic - diverting his funds to more important developments like the Obama1 machine and clearing all the industrial sewage created by Bush 2. Thus Plastic to save its company still sent their agent - the Doc Man to insert the necessary supplements to revive the Jackson - but with lack of funding and disinterest from GOD - the plan was unsuccessful and thus the plug was pulled on Jackson.

You might wonder how I know all this data - usually I am supposed to only transmit. Well when I was in the storage yard waiting to be revived I met a senior analyst - Me61 - we share a drink once in a while and share data.

Since many of the interventions by God had failed for the past few months and his whole Economy was at a stand still - he devised newer modules whereby we machines could interact and collect data - one such module is called Facebook - where I was allowed to intervene for the past few months.

Before writing this I had called the data center of God's Inc. I have found out from Me61 that it is somewhere in a place called Noida in India. Seems that India and another factory next to it called China had been implemented with reproductive machines. It worked wonders whereby these machines have produced 33% of the factory workers for Earth Inc. But again due to insider trading before implementing these machines - God's Inc CEO Satan Killorama - who was responsible for this deal hid the fact from all the investors that these reproductive machines cannot be stopped.

Satan had an idea that once this big investment fails he will dethrone God and take over the control of Earth Inc. But he is laying low because he had not anticipated the big problem his one lie will lead to. Due to 33% of the weight of all the machines is on one side of the Earth Inc property - vast resources have to be sent there for their survival - all this has led to tremendous weight on one side thus changing the tilt of the Earth Inc property.

Earth Inc was designed with a 23 degrees tilt to the rotate around Furnace Sun - to give ample rest to its machines in a period of 12 hour cycles. Also infused in it were weather and seasons modules for the machines development. But due to this weight gain the tilt is now 23.5 degrees and thus has created a chaotic situation aptly called the Green Revolution - Green is the color of the extra money that Satan made by hiding the facts.

Buzzz.....damn I have been called for a special teleconference. I will have to take a leave and interact later - that is if they suddenly dont shelf us again.