Alphabets : 2.0

With the advent of new technology kids today know much more about computers and stuff related to it then most adults.

Keeping this in mind I think that Alphabets taught in schools should now be upgraded to a newer version Alphabets 2.0. the reason I want to give it a number is that these are terms prevalent today - they could very well be replaced in the next few years and so Alphabets should evolve too.

Many kids today already know these terms so it will be easier for them to grasp and learn.

The format of the new Alphabet 2.0 should be as follows : (included common terms can be altered depending on ones technology inclination)

A - Apple/Applet/Android
B - Bluetooth/Blackberry/Bandwidth/Bookmark
C - Computer/Cable
D - Driver/Data/Desktop
E - Email/Ethernet
F - Facebook/Font
G - Google/Gigabyte
H - Hard drive/HDTV
I - I phone/Internet/Inbox
J - Java/Joystick
K - Keyboard/Kindle
L - Laptop/LAN
M - MPEG/Menu/Megabyte
N - Navigate/Num Lock
O - Offline/Output
P - P2P/Password
Q - QWERTY/QuickTime
R - RAM/Refresh
S - Smartphone/Sync/Storage/Sim Card
T - Twitter/Torrent
U - Upload/URL/Username
V - Video/Virtual/Version
W - Web/Windows/Webcam/Wikipedia
X - Xga
Y - YouTube/Yahoo
Z - Zip/Zynga

Do you think he really cares for A for Apple (the fruit), B for Ball, C for Cat....


Road Trip

Took a small Road Trip through some National Forests recently :
Yellowstone National Park : Wyoming
Grand Teton Range : Wyoming

Here are two panoramas I clicked. Will upload more later.


Happy Independence Day

Image of the Peacock taken at Isckon, Pindamonhangaba, Brazil



This post is a attempt to play on the word Condition - this word like many other words in the English dictionary has multiple meanings.

Original Thought:

After months of deliberation he finally decided to take a chance. Today both of them were staying back after work to work on a deadline. As only a few people were around, he calmed himself before entering her the cool cabin. Removing the newly polished family ring passed down through generations from his great grandmother, he held her smooth frail hand and professed his desire to marry her.

Taken aback by this show of love and the unexpected proposal even though she was waiting for it for the past one year, tears welled up in her eyes. Seeing her state he slowly ran his hand through her soft and smooth hair and pulled her to his strong shoulders. After the few moments of nerve wreaking silence she looked him in his eyes. With a slight nod and a smile she accepted his proposal.

From that day onward they lived every moment of their life happily together.

Conditioned Thought:

Taking time he conditioned his mind to take a chance. Today both of them were staying back after work as they had a condition to be met. As only a few people were around, conditioned himself and entered her air conditioned cabin. Removing the newly conditioned family heirloom conditionally passed for generation from his great grandmother, he held her conditioned hand and professed his unconditional love for her.

Taken aback by the current condition of the moment even though she had conditioned herself for it for the past one year, her condition became emotional. Seeing her current condition he ran his hand through her conditioned hair and pulled her to his conditioned physique. After dwelling in the silent condition for a while, she looked him in his eyes. With a precondition lovers reaction she accepted his proposal.

From that day onward they conditioned their lives for a great future.
Don't know if this post makes sense.
The concept is to see the our condition after reading a post aesthetically written vs technically narrated.



Updated the other blog Ambrosia after ages...

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So we are saved from a Judgement Day - is it? May 21st as proclaimed was going to be the end of the world but it was not - should we be sad or happy???

Anyways if such weird ideas can become worldwide phenomenon I have few that atleast can make one smile...

- We all read expiry dates on packages - Right?
Now my question is what is this expiry date's time - is it morning, evening or night? What if this package or good is transported to a different time zone - does it prolong the expiry time or it perishes faster. What about information on exterior factors like humidity, temperature, heat/cold etc - do these make a difference. How are we supposed to just part with something just because it says Expires on so and so date....

- Waiting Rooms in Hospitals - most of us probably have been there.
Why is this room not called the Healthy Ward? Like the Psychiatric, Maternity, Surgical etc wards. Why is it called a Waiting Room - are be waiting to be sick and transported to one of these wards?

- What if Steve Jobs was around at the time of Genesis?
Would Eve had bit the Apple or simple played with it? If God wanted Eve to bite the Apple would Steve Jobs have created an Apple Vibrator or would he have charged God for extra upgrades to make the Apple soft to be bitten.

- Microsoft in their interviews used to ask why are manhole round.
It did baffle many applicants - but if I were at that interview I would confront the interviewer - Why are the called Manholes? Man has few holes in their bodies to carry out respective functions. Should not these holes be called Road Holes or Sidewalk Holes or Highway Holes?

- It took 10 years for the "Intelligence Service" - 10 full years to find Osama.
Now people working in the "Intelligence Services" got paid for nothing for 9 years plus minus. Have you ever tried telling your superiors - I am looking into the matter - will take me say 3-4 days to resolve this. What will be the bosses reaction?

Are you Baffled or Simple bored reading this post - like the kids in the above picture - I don't blame you - it was just a little waste of your time not the END of the WORLD - was it?


Duct Taped

Happen to randomly land on this image online and I was amused...

- What really must be going through the person's mind when he/she did this?????

Guess sometimes like many instances in life its best that such questions go unanswered.....

Or is it that this is what is keeping the Earth together?


Google Translator


Trapped Child

The uprisings are going on in the Middle East - Tunisia, Egypt, Bahrain, Libya, Iran, Yemen, Morocco, Jordan - the people in this country will hopefully get what they desire and the unscrupulous leaders will meet their profitable extinction.

But now imagine being a child in one of these countries - current and future generations of children will be enslaved into learning and relearning new material - forever.

With the new found freedom there will be massive updates in the text books for these kids - listing below

1) History - (the worst and most effected)
- Now kids will have to learn and remember the names of all these leaders - Muammar Gaddafi, Hosni Mubarak, Zine El Abidine Ben Ali etc etc.
- Also will have to remember the names of people in alliance to these leaders
- Besides there will be a whole list of martyrs, fellow citizens like Wael Ghonim and others to be remembered
- And if this is not enough - there will be a list of specific dates, events etc that they will have to cram up

2) Geography
- For now it is safe but if there is shuffling of boundaries or division of countries then that is a whole new load of before and after they have to remember

3) Civics or Social Science
- With the new wave will come a new form of government - Democracy, Social Republic or maybe Communist - so they will have to learn the structures of the government, role of each official, powers of the judiciary vs state etc etc.

4) Maths and Sciences
-Here I don't see a lot of changes - maybe I am missing something.

5) Religion and Philosophy
- Obvious changes in the way Islam or any other religion is currently interpreted and how it should be really interpreted in the new world.

6) Literature and Languages
- Here also there will be substantial changes
- New Poems and Prose depicting the whole era
- Maybe some foreign language added to the curriculam

Purists might argue that this is a good thing - that the children will learn something worthwhile.

But I argue that even in these so called educated countries of the world there are Bushes, Palins, Kalmadis, Berlusconis, Mubaraks and many other dim-wits -

Did they bunk school?
Or they really did not learn anything?
Or is school education and the ways of learning also need a complete upheaval?

I dread to be that "school going kid" again.

Here is a beautiful quote -

Every child comes with the message that God is not yet discouraged of man. ~Rabindranath Tagore

But man ever so often discourages the Child............

Lastly a perfect Calvinism to all the educators of the world -


Digital Revolution

Tahrir Square - the Epicenter of Egyptian revolution

Following up on my last Blog about Journalism:2 -the social network has brought about a big Change.

Today marks a great day in the current History of the world where the uprisings and revolts in Tunisia, Egypt and now currently undergoing in Jordan will mark a substantial change in the lives of the people from these countries.

I am not remotely related to any of these countries but the family from where I buy my breakfast is Egyptian and one of my barber was Jordanian - so somehow I feel a part of all this.

Just like the car brought about the Industrial Revolution in the early part of the 20th Century - Computer and technology have brought about major changes to the way we have been perceiving the world. This truly will go down in the history books as a revolutionary period - it has leveled the playing field for the world - the work can be done anywhere anytime - there is no one super power left - big countries are no longer a threat - downtrodden and poor people have a say and are forcing their rights - the rights that one should not be fighting for as we all are born free.

There are many more changes that we will see and some of it are predictions that I feel can happen -

- Chinese currency could become the currency for the world
- Civil war or internal revolt is a possibility in the United States where disparity between the rich and poor is increasing day by day.
- Youth of the two countries India and Pakistan can come together and solve the border issues - a far out possibility but can happen

Lastly the truly remarkable truth of the revolution in Egypt are following the Gandhian principles of Intolerance, Non Violence and Persistence. Am not sure if Egyptians followed it or no but it worked.

In Mahatma's own words -“First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.”

Be persistent. In time the opposition around you will fade and fall away. And your inner resistance and self-sabotaging tendencies that want to hold you back and keep you like you have always been will grow weaker.


Journalism - 2

The impact of the True democratic principle - Power of the people, by the people and for the people is being currently witnessed in countries like Tunisia and Egypt. Tired of the dictatorial regimes the masses are revolting in big numbers to oust the corrupt ministers.

There are many examples in history during the two World Wars, the holocaust or even in Indian revolution where Tilak started the newspaper Kesari to spread awareness against the British rule.

In this era of Digital revolution with the advent of the new Social Media and Networks for communication like Twitter, Facebook, Wikileaks etc - a whole new wave of peoples participation is taking place. The aim of the resistance is One but there is no one clear leader to guide the process. This is what I find the most interesting. This process is truly the new world of Journalism - 2.

Am not sure of how the whole process will transpire but it is a radical change in the way revolts and revolutions are perceived and initiated.

Just a few questions that I am mulling about -

- Are there more countries to follow suit? North Korea, Cuba....
- Do the people really know what they want or are they just happy to use this freedom of expression that was bottled up for so long?
- Will these revolutions lead to selecting leaders who are maybe worse than people already in power?
- Is this slowly eroding United States so called Power as they are now facing a double edged sword of picking between a dictator or abiding by their principles of true democracy?

Leaving you with a song from John Lennon:


AskObama You Tube

Although skeptical about this process but its an opportunity to voice ones opinions directly to the elected leaders. You Tube is running a campaign AskObama (link) to be aired on January 27, 2011 two days after his State of the Union speech.

You Tube followed all over the world is a great platform to share ones thoughts and ideas and it is noteworthy that Obama is willing to embrace this platform and reach out to a vast array of society.

I have posted my question - for those interested here are the two videos seeking the


Madam X

Just for a smile.....


Hmm Musings

- With people now meeting via online chats/forums - shouldn't there also be a category for DEAF n DUMB dates along with Blind Dates?

- Due to the severe dent in the economy prevalent right now - all job seeking forms now will have a third category for those seeking jobs - full time, part time and "sometime" jobs (jobs that at least scrapes one through their bills)

- Do not despair or feel proud when someone tells you that you are one in a million - It means in India and China there are at-least 1000 others exactly like you.

- How come most people know how to swim in the Gene Pool but not the Swimming Pool?

- A friend told me that God tests all the people He loves - people who go through bad periods in their lives - now what if I have not studied for this test or want to opt out of this course?

- Lastly looking at this image.....

Are these a result of abandoned prayers or loss of faith?


Postcards from the Winter Wonderland

It has been snowing crazy this year. Two storms since the new year and one more to come tomorrow. Here are some pictures in the West Hudson Park, Kearny, NJ - near my apartment from the snow storm of last Friday.

Dog is the Master of the Ceremony
Snow - way!!!
Winter Wonderland
Brave Hearts
(considering it was close to minus 9 D Celsius or 15 F)
Mother Nature never Ceases to Inspire
There is no light but Just snow at the end of this Tunnel