World Builder

A technologically advanced love story - a video I came across on You Tube.
For those who liked Matrix : this is on similar lines -: where

A strange man uses holographic tools to build a world for the woman he loves. This is a short by filmmaker Bruce Branit. (some info about him and his other works)

I relate to the video and am fascinated as the tools that the character uses to create his world are the very same tools I use to create 3d - renderings and animations.

(the video is a bit long - around 9 mins - but if you liked the way Matrix was made - you will surely enjoy this video)

Here is a link shared by a fellow reader Cosmic Joy - on how this video became popular - exemplifies the power of the internet - Link



Was tagged by WhoamI to write 25 random facts about me. Being blogging for a while have done these tags before and lot of randomness is spelt in them.
So instead I am presenting you a ramdom chat for exact 4 mins 25 secs that took place between me (cd) and my friend kedar (kp) - after todays horrific attack on the Sri Lankan Cricketers in Lahore early in the morning here.
Even though insipid in nature this is a sublime meaningful random rhetoric.
cd : What happened - supposed to be attacking cricket - but today cricket got attacked
kp : I did not do it!
cd : Well they say RAW was involved. Just thought of verifying with you as you are on a RAW vegetable diet.
kp : I feel LTTE has a hand in it or it is a bigger conspiracy where it is US's another money making scheme
cd : If it was LTTE then they would have to build a Ram Setu through India to reach Pakistan and the only person who could give them subsidised land was the Laloo - the rail dude.
kp : That is out of question. Maybe they were training to goto the cave of Obama filled with his flatulence and go boom.
cd: But how will they see Obama in a dark cave.
kp : They dont have to. They are also Vicco brown and trained to see the dark side without teeth.
cd : So you mean man teats?
kp : I did not say that. I say Kalla Bandar. (Black Monkey)
cd : You referring to Bandar Chap Dant Manjan. That means that his teeth are black and so he is invisible.
kp : That is true. Ahem.
cd : Maybe they can use Obama for a Super Rin advertisement - that way he will garner Safedi ki Chamkar jyada and endorse being Shiny Ahuja
kp : What is Shiny Ahuju called if his movie flops?
cd : ? What....
kp : Lacklustre Ahuja
cd : Yeah it is dull - freaking cold minus 5 today
kp : When cold - what happens to Shiny Ahuja's dick.
cd : Chotta Chetan
kp : Precisely he becomes Tiny Ahuja
cd : Ok dude. Have to go for a meeting.
kp : Hope you are not mating the imbeciles who pelted the lankans.
cd : They are seeking darkness I guess. Will wear ample protection when mating and penetrating them with my precise questions. Later.