अनिच्चा Anicca

Impermanence - Pali - अनिच्चा anicca; Sanskrit: अनित्य anitya

Recently was at a 10 Day Vipassana Meditation camp here in Massachusetts. In this post I am not talking about the details of what this meditation process is, as this info can be found in detail here - Vipassana (link)

The One thing that I learned on a personal level is the notion of Impermanence (Anicca) existing in
-the world we live in,
-the desires and aversions
-the joys and sorrows,
-the pains and sufferings,
-the physical existence
-the perceptions and assumptions

All these above mentioned phenomenons and many more are simply creation of our conscious mind - that can be controlled or evaporated by stepping back or concentrating on them - thus realizing that they come and go.

So here are some photographs I have taken over last few years where I have abstracted this concept - hope you like them.

Here the baton that is lit when captured at high speed forms a ring but it really is just our perception - an illusion that will disintegrate if he slows down the process of rotation.
(A performer in a hotel at Matheran - Maharashtra, India)

Here the swift movement of hands creates a reverberation that can be rhythmic and that if timed incorrectly can be noise - reflecting the working of our thoughts that can be joyous or sorrowful - again if the hand stops the sound disappears - can we stop the mind from thinking?
(Sanyasi playing Mridangam at Nova Gokula - Isckon Temple in Pindamonhangaba - Brazil)
Here the yellow depicting the journey of our lifetime - that does end at a point - and the various people we interact or meet with along the way - every step is a new revelation - some new acquaintances and some old.
(Stairs at Miller Brewing Company - Milwaukee - Wisoncsin, USA)
Here our mind is like a furnace that is constantly thinking - rethinking. But many of these thoughts are ephemeral and transient. Some thoughts get molded into actions and some simply burn away.
(Aluminium factory in Silvassa - Gujarat, India)

Here is an example of relativity - where even though all the cars are moving at high speed - they seem static - whereas the tunnel seems dynamic - for some life is static if they are around dull people and dynamic if they slow down or change the circumstances - both the situations are in our control but not many can dwell or act on it.
(Tunnel in Dubai - UAE)

Again like every phenomenon which is transient - some may remember this post - some may simply forget it - some may like it some may not - that's the TRUE nature of life


Urge to Scribe

Just had this urge to scribe something, anything. Its been a while I wrote somethings.

Facebook had taken over the Blogging. One of the interesting part of Facebook was its status messages. I used to write small snippets that were succinct and funny.

Here are few of them - will post more later.....

- What if either Adam or Eve was gay!

- Make hay while the sun shines - but isnt Opium more profitable?

- Unable to download a nursery rhyme in time for class the kid goes................Twinkle Twinkle Little Star........How I wonder what Network you are?

- With people now meeting via online chats/forums - shouldn't there also be a category for DEAF n DUMB dates along with BLIND dates ?

- No one told me why I should have read the Tell Me Why - not even them