Project WHY

A fellow blogger Aneri Masi introduced many of us to an interesting project - Project WHY spearheaded by Anouradha Bakshi.
"Project Why is a New Dehli (India) based non-profit organisation engaged in education support and life skill enhancement of slum children and their families..? We opened our first education center in 2000 and now, thanks to the generous support of friends and well wishers, have expanded our activities. "

The project is need of HELP. You can read the details at her blog - Project WHY needs help.

Do chip in and see what you can do.

(Am travelling - so am away from the blog. Have added an album on Facebook - let me know if you have an account there so I can add you to view it. )


Initiative 30 on 30

One of the fellow bloggies Prashant aka Om a wonderful photographer has started an initiative to raise money for a cause using his photographic skills with some of his friends.

Here is the link to http://www.30on30.net/ - Do check it out.

Also dont forget to read rather see my last post Re session !


Re session

Have been busy. Will visit your blogs soon. Here are some random pictures taken in New York depicting the state of COMMON man strangled by recession.
Also have updated the Short Story blog with Strangers (the link is on the right bar)

Been there Done that!

The Hope fool !

Free Wedding Invitations Open to All
(guess people dont want to attend
as they have to give a gift!)

Even A Virgin have Lost her Charm - No suitors.
People Flock to the Almighty for Answers
St. Patricks Cathedral, NYC
But even He is Clueless!
St. Patricks Cathedral, NYC
So one lights A Candle
for HIM to see better and clear all this mess!
(Even I lit one - just in case)
St. Patricks Cathedral, NYC