Urge to Scribe

Just had this urge to scribe something, anything. Its been a while I wrote somethings.

Facebook had taken over the Blogging. One of the interesting part of Facebook was its status messages. I used to write small snippets that were succinct and funny.

Here are few of them - will post more later.....

- What if either Adam or Eve was gay!

- Make hay while the sun shines - but isnt Opium more profitable?

- Unable to download a nursery rhyme in time for class the kid goes................Twinkle Twinkle Little Star........How I wonder what Network you are?

- With people now meeting via online chats/forums - shouldn't there also be a category for DEAF n DUMB dates along with BLIND dates ?

- No one told me why I should have read the Tell Me Why - not even them


Compassion Unlimitted said...

Welcome Back ceedy ..I am sure many of us missed you & your posts here..
Suppose you an have your dual loyalty with both FB & Blog !!

Ria said...

He he u and ur witty self! :D Yeah fb is there....but blogging is something totally different for me. Hope u post more often from now on.

ceedy said...


Sirji....I will surely write and follow up. Am away till the end of the month...but when I am back will check and interact. Hope you are doing great.

BTW I kinda got bored of Facebook...this is more creative

ceedy said...


Thanks for the follow up - as I am away will get into this when I am back.

BTw my Facebook account is banned....lol

Dhanya said...

LOVED the second one ! :D :D

Sparkling said...

Oh, so you were really busy!


How are you?

Satish Bolla said...

witty, as usual

ceedy said...



ceedy said...


Haha - not really.

I am doing good - how about you?

ceedy said...


Kaise ho bhai?

Deepali said...

Hehe I sooooo get the whole facebook taking over blogging bit :)