Google Translator


Stupidosaur said...

Umm this is actually how I m 'fluent' with french, italian, russian etc babes in random internet chatrooms :P

And unlike them fumbling over the last parts, i can translate whatever is IMed to me. gets difficult when ppl don't use correct spelling tho, and that is the norm in chats

ceedy said...

Cool. I hope the your IM gf's can translate your blog and understand it...

Stupidosaur said...

girlfriend birlfriend kuchh nahin. aisi kismat kidhar :P.

And if I told them i was stupidosaur, and shared blog link, fir to ho chuka.

just fun to pretend u know particular language.

Actually it started when two trolls started badmouthing me in their language in chatroom thinking I don't understand. I joined in in the same language using Google Translate. Their initial surprise was lot of fun.

btw pura 'girlfriend birlfriend' use karna pada, kyunki shortform gf-bf would convey diff meaning, though not entirely out of context :P