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We all are conversing in a common language - Why then the differences?


Goof Ups

It was an evening of goof up I guess.
First the last post "NY PEEK TURES" was to complement the short story
"New York New York" on my other blog shortceedy.
It has been a while since I updated and added a story - so I invite the veterans to visit it and the newbies to take a shot....give you bahumulya (invaluable) comments....

Second it has been brought to my attention by few bloggies that the last post was all bonkers in a different browser but worked well in another one.

So the Fire Folks kindly follow the advice of Vijeta Pandit in this song from the movie Love Story from 1981 when viewing the last post to view it as it was meant to be - thanks...

Sorry about the goof ups....ab main kya karoon! (What can I do Oh Guru Oh guru)


NY Peek Tures

Peace among the Urban Chaos
from Top Of The Rock observation deck on Rockefeller Center.
Most of those yellow cabbies will be desis -its fun to drive in NYC - feels just driving back in India
Phir Bhi Dil Hai Hindustani
The Tri Color (Indian Flag) amidst flags of all countries in the Rockefeller Plaza.

Boom! Boom!
Mastiyon me Jhum Jhum!
The clouds this year were a let down. This picture is from my apartment.
The Green Mean Machine
Central Park in Midtown Manhattan

O M F G ! Exactly
Phew there is no Shiv Sena here


Summer Time : George Micheal (update : pics added)

Have been kinda lazy on the blog hopping and commenting as am active enjoying the summer. Its in full blast with HE forgetting that there is adjustments on the hearing thernostat. Constant temperatures around 90 F (32.2 C) is not hot compared to any tropical climate but here since the temperature drop way below zero - this is significantly hot.

So as usual I am enjoying the Heat till it lasts. Was out for two day camping/canoeing trip in upstate New York. Went for my usual walks in NYC and then the one I want to share here is from yesterday.

Attended George Micheal's 25live - his first tour in 15 years - "a celebration of his 25-year career in music" at Madison Square Garden in NYC.

The stage was three huge screens as a backdrop with the center being a 45-50 foot screen that cascaded down onto a ramp. It showcased the videos and graphics for individual songs. It was really spectacular and surreal- with only him on the stage dancing and performaing as the videos rolled right from underneath his feet on this constantly changing flickering digital backdrop.

The setlist of the songs he played yesterday included some of his greatest singles : Fast Love,
Father Figure, Faith, Roxanne, Too Funky.
His new song Feeling Good - talks of his coming back after personal struggles for the past decade.
The highlight of the evening was Careless Whispers - where the entire crowd of 20000 plus was on their feet swaying and singing it word to word along with him.
He ended the performance with Freedom

Interesting thing is since he is gay, most of the songs are for his lost love partner but they have an universal appeal and the crowd simply lapped every moment.

Some of the songs that I did wish he played were : Jesus to a Child, Last Christmas and Dont Let the Sun Go Down on Me.

All in all it was a perfect evening and awesome to witness live a singer whose songs I have cherished all these years.
Update: I forgot I had taken pictures on my cell phone.
Here are some images taken of my cell phone - sorry for the poor quality.
It so happened that last time I posted the video for Asha Bhosale's concert - I got an email from Youtube and Carnegie Center for copyright infringement and the videos were removed by them from the US servers. Also I had been to the Garden for another concert where they did not allow the cameras - so did not take it for this one and guess what....I was amont the few who DID not have a camera on me....----Ah well


Saanp Ceedy

This post being my 100th is dedicated to all you bloggies who have been part of this journey and madness and egged me on.
Like you might from many of my prior posts that I think a lot (yeh bimari ka koi ilaj batavo - please suggest a remedy for this disease) - YOUR USERNAMES give me weird ideas that I am presenting here.
The idea was embellished in my mind by Stupidosaur's comment and naming me as the title of this post on one of the blogs. Intrestingly one wins when one reaches 100 in Saanp Ceedy....
Thanks guys (I will really have to say it after you read this) - Enjoy! and if offended do read the end
So here goes - hope you can identify YOU.

- Abhi Shake kyu Khanaa - Are bhai Shake to piya jata hai na! (Why should I eat a shake - isnt it supposed to be drunk)
- After reading your posts I think you should call yourself - Am in Rhythm and Blues not Trance
- An errie masi you are not...you seem like a sweet masi.
- The "j" has to be dropped as it is not grammatically correct - it should be A juli or An uli
- A desi got a free ticket to see a symphony and then he met and told him - "you are famous dude - after every act they shouted "Ancore Ancore" wah wah
- Sometimes when I read her post the reaction that is similar to WTF in gujju is Aaa Shu che!
- Well if I ever get to visit all the places she blogs about so elaborately - instead of buying a tourist guide I will Back Pack Her
- If I design a house for this dude will have to call his study/library Brocas Area - and suggest he puts a sign Keep off!
- Carolina you better be careful as there is a GAL hunter on his way to New York
- Sending her Single will be a Ne Ne as she is a blond!
- Being an architect she is fascinated by Cinder blocks and I bet she must be shouting at contractors - Cinder la brick nahi yede! (get some cinder blocks not bricks)
- Are Sire should it be Jyada(more) Passion Unlimited - why Kam(less) Passion Unlimited?
- No wonder you are Day Dreaming puffing all the stuff you mention about....hope you do wake up sometime
- A once in a while visitor to the blog it makes me say Deep Aali re Aali (finally she comes)
- Now are there A, B, C categories of SIN!!! - Why D Sinner - how did you attain that level?
- You confuse me dude - do you want to be Friendly or Stanger - koi ek pick karo and no this answer is not going to win you any money.
- G - Man knows that FBI is after him....he better change his name quick and I really wish he meets Hancock to discuss his post on Khuda (god)
- How can one forget the famous dialogue from Karma - Thapad Ki Gooonj (Thunderous Slap)
- He Ran and Ran and Ran but did not loose weight cause then he eats lots of Ghee and Mithai !
- I hope you mom tells you I L U son
- I did not know there were bhais in Hyderabad - bolo bolo Jaggu bhai
- Joi in gujarati mean Did you see her? - So my question to you will Kone Jovu? (Whom should I see?)
- Yeh ladki Kaisi he re? (This girl is an enigma)
- Dude how can you do an anglular K Pee?
- Are kachori, bhajiya talaye Knee Kem Talu? (Lets fry fritters - Why are you wanting us to Fry our Knees?)
- The meaning of Nirmal is pure? Are you? I dont think so.....
- Girls usually dont like Soccer - but No She does
- Sirf Pav Hi dogi? Bhaji ka kya? (You will only serve bread - what about the vegetables?)
- There is an architecture institute in NY - Praat - any connection?
- Someone has to Pry Open her mind to check whats in there
- Now this confuses me a lot - Shouldnt it be Prince Mia? koi beech wala to mamla nahi Princess Mia me?
- Reading her posts every one is Raaji Raaji (agreed agreed)
- Are you a Raa Di Ka girl?
- Yeh sirf Ravi var ko nahi harroz Bollywood ki khabar deta hai
- Only Pope can Rome Hila?
- Kya aap Sham sunder ho?
- Sam Bhi agar bacche hote nam hote pinku.....reminds me of this song
- From your writing I can tell you - you are Some Heera
- Yeh Satish koi bhi angle se Bholla nahi hai...guarantee...
- I already told him from his recent post - he should be Mr. Orkut Scrabbler
- Maintaining Five blogs and completing PhD - phir bhi itne ghane baal - Arre Docter be aap ke to Solid Hair hai....
- Now once he becomes an actor and hopefully famous I hope he does not ignore others with the attitude - chal hat Chu Taa nahi hai....(get lost I dont have change)
- How Loud do you get when thinking? Or is it in the inaudible range?
- Urv Moor Dhantura nu fool sakar sherdi khajoor - remeber it?
- Finally she Wins a coveted other half....and now her posts resemble "krazzy kiya re"
- He is the newest addition and is a Bridge to anything India
- Eggs Hatch ho gaya kya?

So if anyone is offended and feels screwed, my response to you all is same as the desi finalist in this seasons Last Comic Standing - Papa CJ
"I really dont give a damn. I am from the land of Kamasutra - I can screw you in more ways than you can even dream of"

Hope I dont have to shave off my blogroll after this!



What more can one say?


Meet and Mosaic (updated w/answers)

First off...Since I moved I have limited access to the internet...so have not been able to visit blogs. Hope to be full on in a weeks time.
Here is my VERY FIRST Bloggie meet - up.

From l-r : Ankit (KP's brother), Kevin Patel (KP to bloggers), Sanket (my friend) and Me (ceedy to bloggers)
Last week KP was in North Jersey to attend a family wedding. He is from Columbus, Ohio.
We met at Bazookas - a sports bar and spoke about cricket (his favorite subject), everyones current lives and dreams, other bloogies and blogs and yada yada yada....
It was interesting as both of us did not remember how we landed on each others blogs - but the "gujju" connection has endured almost a year and was happy to finally meet him.

Hope to meet many more interesting bloggers here.
This is the Flickr Mosaic Tag which I saw this first at -xh- 's blog and liked it.

Here is my version - hope you guys can guess my answers.....
The rules are:
1. Type your answer to each of the questions below into Flickr Search.
2. Using only the first page of results, and pick one image.
3. Copy and paste each of the URLs for the images into Big Huge Lab’s Mosaic Maker to create a mosaic of the picture answers.

The questions:
1. What is your first name? : Chintan
2. What is your favorite food? right now? : Pav Bhaji
3. What high school did you go to? : St. Xaviers
4. What is your favorite color? : Black
5. Who is your celebrity crush? : Paz Vega
6. What is your favorite drink? : Long Island Ice Tea
7. What is your dream vacation? : Ibiza, Spain
8. What is your favorite dessert? : Chocolate Souffle
9. What do you want to be when you grow up? : Master Architect
10. What do you love most in life? : Shades of life
11. What is one word that describes you? Funny - the cat threw everyone off.....
12. What is your user name? : Ceedy

and The Resultant Mosaic is:

And I tag

Ankur, Noushy and Cinder-Single