Meet the Bloogers

Yesterday night I met up with my fifth blogger friend - Lakshmi (backpakker.blogspot.com). She is here in New York with her hubby.

As always had a great time talking about anything and everything - over couple of drinks in a bar with live music playing in the background.

Last month I met another blog reader Sabeen when I was visiting Dubai - (comments here as Abreysham)- she has a potential to write but does not for some odd reasons. She was my local eyes and ears in Dubai for a day and it was a total blast.

Before this I have met up with Kashmira (anerimasissoapbox.blogspot.com) and Kevin (becoolmate.blogspot.com)

Lastly Jagadeesh who was my roommate and then turned onto blogging. (ootb-jaggu.blogspot.com)

I have been to Bombay-India twice after I made friends on the blog but have had so much planned out that never been able to meet up with people there - will plan and meet few next time for sure.