Journalism - 2

The impact of the True democratic principle - Power of the people, by the people and for the people is being currently witnessed in countries like Tunisia and Egypt. Tired of the dictatorial regimes the masses are revolting in big numbers to oust the corrupt ministers.

There are many examples in history during the two World Wars, the holocaust or even in Indian revolution where Tilak started the newspaper Kesari to spread awareness against the British rule.

In this era of Digital revolution with the advent of the new Social Media and Networks for communication like Twitter, Facebook, Wikileaks etc - a whole new wave of peoples participation is taking place. The aim of the resistance is One but there is no one clear leader to guide the process. This is what I find the most interesting. This process is truly the new world of Journalism - 2.

Am not sure of how the whole process will transpire but it is a radical change in the way revolts and revolutions are perceived and initiated.

Just a few questions that I am mulling about -

- Are there more countries to follow suit? North Korea, Cuba....
- Do the people really know what they want or are they just happy to use this freedom of expression that was bottled up for so long?
- Will these revolutions lead to selecting leaders who are maybe worse than people already in power?
- Is this slowly eroding United States so called Power as they are now facing a double edged sword of picking between a dictator or abiding by their principles of true democracy?

Leaving you with a song from John Lennon:


Mia said...

Such is the human race, selfish and greedy. The politicians are just watching our for themselves, as with power comes fame too. Everybosy has their vested interest.

Yeh Kalyug hai bhai....n the more i read and listen to whats happenning around i believe that the world is coming to an end...

ceedy said...


Sorry for the delayed comments - I wanted to see what comes out of these protests and since today it finally culminated - I totally agree with you.

Hope all is well.

lucky said...

I really enjoy your blogs. I think they make one reflect on their own beliefs and makes one think. What I love most is how you end with little something to learn from.....Thank you!

ceedy said...


Thanks sis.....appreciate the kind words...