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Although skeptical about this process but its an opportunity to voice ones opinions directly to the elected leaders. You Tube is running a campaign AskObama (link) to be aired on January 27, 2011 two days after his State of the Union speech.

You Tube followed all over the world is a great platform to share ones thoughts and ideas and it is noteworthy that Obama is willing to embrace this platform and reach out to a vast array of society.

I have posted my question - for those interested here are the two videos seeking the


Mia said...

hey i couldn't see yur question....it said its a private video . if you have been sent this video, please make sure you accept the senders friends request

ceedy said...

Hey I did not post a video question just asked 4 questions in text format....under the YouTube username ceedyreflections

Mia said...

ah i see....u should post yur questions here too

ceedy said...


I had simple questions - here they are -

1) Seems Marijuana is the reason for Americas problems - 7 out of 10 popular questions are for legalizing it - what are your thoughts Mr. President?

2)Why are Guns freely available in El Paso Texas when they get smuggled into Juarez across the border into the drug dealers hands.

3) What is the point of having Federal Laws when States can supersede them? Who is really in control?

4) Why is there disparity- those who are legally here, are suffering due to USCIS immigration delays as opposed to those here illegally they become legal faster w/asylum reforms Don't you want intelligent folks to stay back here? Are we a burden to you?

Mia said...

I have gone thru the battle of federal vs state and the 4th question i can totally relate to.

Satish Bolla said...

can't see anything here.... ?????

ceedy said...


Check on youtube or is it banned there?