Am back from my E-sanyas (retirement/sabbatical). Took the reins of my life to reinvigorate after some very personal setbacks in the last one year.

I had a friend visiting me and so I decided to travel - something I love.

First stop was walking all over New York city (umpteenth time). Have done it rigourously for the past few years. I love the spirit of New as it reflects my urban true self - life coming from Bombay (Mumbai). Many say its a concrete jungle - but I like it anyways as it is full of vibrant people and buildings and things to do.

Then I went to Las Vegas - another man made marvel in the middle of nowhere - there is a lot to do there besides gambling. One can experience New York, Paris, Venice, Rome, Egypt and many other places as casinos are designed to replicate these major cities. It is an epitome of kitsch. One can experience the American way of life first hand-loud, excessive and debauchary. But even then it is a great place to visit.

Next stop was Hoover Dam - yes a real engineering marvel. Then a natural wonder Grand Canyon - it is a captivating space - one feels so small in front of the massive chasm. I walked to the edge of the cliffs and felt the cool air raising me. Wanted to jump off and soar like a bird and assimilate this wonder.

Next stop was back to Joisey and then upto Boston - another city I love - met a good friend Jaggu - a FOB (fresh of the boat) - but a very good host - and roamed the downtown - Quincy Market. My friend wanted to see the Boston Tea Party - but it was undergoing renovation and repairs. Also visited the campuses of MIT and Harvard - what a treat - saw and experienced some great modern buildings - Stata Center by Frank Gehry, Simmons Hall by Steven Holl and Brain and Cognitive Science Center by Charles Correa

Took a drive through Exeter - stopped at Exeter library designed by a famous American architect Louis Kahn. Drove upto a historic town Portsmouth, from there took a scenic drive along the Atlantic Ocean on route 1A. It was a very beautiful drive along the sea on our way back to Boston.

Finally the travel bug ended and back to blogging and "real" life after a short but necessary E-sanyas.


(¯`•._.•[Raaji]•._.•´¯) said...

wow... you had a hell of a trip... did you drive everywhere or fly?

I think road trips are more fun :)

c e e d y said...

All means of transport was utilised - flight, bus, car, taxis.....it was all the more fun.