Gone Baby Gone

Watched the directorial debut "Gone Baby Gone" by Ben Affleck - who I already liked as an actor. The movie stars his brother Casey and according to me is a brilliant rendition of Moral Ambiguity.
I wont give out the movie - it is worth a watch. It tackles the issues of social evil that are widespread in American Society because of their abuse of Freedom. The evils like drug abuse, child molestation, pedophila, arms possesion, gangs, that lurk in the shabby neighbourhoods are generally hidden behind the "Bigness" and "Glamour" seen on prime time TV.
The movie also scrapes the issues of ones personal fight between ethics and legality. What seems to be ethical is not legally feasible most of the times and by picking one or the other - we are always faced with self indingnation (that is if you are sensitive). You also run the risk of losing people who are close to you if you choose something that is not in line with what they want.
Sometimes one we decide something - there are two ways one deals with them - one is forget about it and feel good that it is done with - and the other where it keeps haunting you "what if it were different" or "what is the outcome of your desicions on others". Both are valid and equally difficult to go through.
All in all kudos to Ben Affleck.


(¯`•._.•[Raaji]•._.•´¯) said...

hmm i love such movies. I think this is a must watch for me. I shall get my hands on it soon :)

Thank you so much for your generous comments. I appreciate your advices. They help a lot. Sometimes we need reassuring from others about what we are doing is not the worst thing after all. thanks a bunch!