Long (Lost) Friends

Every few months I have this nagging habit to search for my old friends and see if they have their presence online. Many of my efforts have been sucessful as I have somehow found people I knew 15-16 years ago.
It makes me very happy to know that I know friends who are all over the globe- something unthinkable 10 years ago and maybe if Richard branson has his way - might have a friend who is on the Moon.
Some of these contacts turn out to be a great nostalgic journey - where I can relive my personal history. Also it sometimes amazes me that some of them are exactly where they are after so long - complaining but happy - only older - whereas I have been put thru a difficult journey of life shipped to survive in a foreign land....(some of which are my personal choices though.
It makes me wonder what is different within us that some of us are always on the edge ready for something new to happen or try and some are laid back and happy in whatever situation we are in.
Sometimes its irritating getting in touch with some of them - they will reply to the email - saying where they are what they are doing - and inspite of me sending them my phone -expect me to call them after I took the pain to get in touch with them.
But with the advent of Facebook, Orkut, MySpace, LinkedIn - reliving the past will not be difficult unless you wish that some of those people were really LONG "LOST" friends.


Deepali said...

I like the play on long lost friends hehe.

I use to think Orkut that way was a great blessing for keeping in touch with people who you don't meet for years off line but then I got bored of it.

The funny thing is that there are only a handful of people I really would LOVE to get in touch with. The rest seem like clouds - just passing by - nothing lost in their moving on...

c e e d y said...


Yeah at first it seemed cool but I got bored and actually deleted my Orkut profile - there are some ppl who find you and you dont want them to....and they are simply jealous of what you acheive - and they try to destabilize you with their negative energy...

best these ppl stay lost :)