Poets Palate

Seems the past hour around New York has provided me with the palate to scribe a little poem : the ingredients:
Full Moon
Dark Gloomy Weather
Departure of a friend
Rain and fog

Today the way I am

Driving along the long winding roads
Shrouded by the mist and fog
Unclear path ahead
Life as it stands now unfolds

The full moon rays shear the clouds
Glistening their borders with its radiance
Inspiration to many souls
But I feel darkness within

A friend
Departing to a new life
Many a dreams and aspirations
Adios amigos with a heavy heart

Creamy chocolate
Sweetness in abundance
Alas every bite is bitter
Sadness persists all around

This is but a phase
Light the candle
See the flicker
Life will be lighter soon.


zazafeefi said...

so cool!

those ingredients always seem to work. its always dark and gloomy here - rainy and grey. so u can imagine what goes thru my head everyday

Pri said...

cool scribble i muss say...
the heart does manage to reflect its lowest moments though your words...
keep scribbling! :)
and cheer up...!! c'est la vie...

imperfect said...

Inspiration too many souls
But I feel darkness within

really liked these lines!
feel exactly the same at this moment!

(¯`•._.•[Raaji]•._.•´¯) said...

oh this is pretty :)
i love the way you put 'ingredients' in... very creative :)

Sameera said...

Beautiful inspiration leading to lovely poetry :)