Force, Choice, Blessing

I was flippin thru the few days ago and landed on a channel of a motivational - Joel Osteen. I want sure at first about this thin frail looking guy - being an inspiration - but his spirit and the way he adressed caught my attention.
He spoke about some interesting ideas about how people and events are juxtaposed and how it is all a masterplan.

I gave it a serious thought and wanted to share them.
When we are sad, dejected and basically down- we do not want to seek out to others - do not feel like interacting - blame everyone including GOD for our miseries and the state of affairs - we FORCE ourselves into oblivion, self disdain and reproach. It affects every part of our existence - mind, body and soul.
Sometimes we have no CHOICE - either we force someone into a sad situation or someone forces us into one. In the first instance if one is sensitive we keep feeling guilty and in the other the guilt is forced upon - thinking constantly what the heck did I do to get this. But we all have within us that little power to break that choice. Move on with vigour and face life. Can you imagine how have you survived physically so long without any effort ( sometimes you do need elixers). It is a process of survival that is ingrained in us. Can we use it to survive emotional upheavals. I dont know the answer (but its worth exploring)
Coming back to his speech where he said this interesting thing - when we are lost - there is always a new door that is waiting to be opened or opening. In circumstances we meet certain people who pull us out of this - this is what he called the master plan.
You have to meet somebody or get something - it does not pop out overnight - they were put into action way before - going through their own growth and understanding - and when the right moment comes you meet them. So dont despair as there will be something or someone already planned for you and you will surely meet them - FORCE yourself to look at the options - make that a positive CHOICE and it may eventually turn out that all that you are going thru is a BLESSING.


Pri said...

hmm i see a ray of optimism here...:)
Sometimes the answers to our problems are right there...we jus have to clear our line of vision...look a little outside the box...make tht extra effort...
Getting stuck up is bad...moving on is even worse (at times)...but we cant jus give up without attempting...
its worth a try isnt it? :)

and all the very best! :)

KD said...

There are solutions to almost all the problems. If one is having trouble finding it...always ask the ALmighty.. he is always there!! cheers.

Ashu said...

Agree with ya.... wud come back in detail later

zazafeefi said...

hey ive never seen things this way..deep stuff, made me think. i feel sortof optimistic now..

but sometimes watever crap youre going thru, you KNOW that things will get better eventually and everything will be alright but that thought isnt comforting enough at that moment in time?

c e e d y said...

thanks I cant agree more. thinking outside the box is my motto for now :)

dude you are right - but why cheers - am I supposed to b drunk when talking to the almighty

will wait for the comment

knowing that things will be allright is one issue - but trying to push it is where the crux lies.
time heals all wounds (almost) but when in this current date and time things move so fast - can we try to make this move fast too

Compassion Unlimitted said...

It is all deep within ,Right. Very nice write up..very positive



You are a lost soul! You are finding your way in all the wrong places. Worst of all from a Self proclaimed Minister like Joel Osteen who markets his preaching to the exacting achitypes like you n the rest of the people who commented agreeing with your blog. You ask what is that Architype? If you don't know....take another look at your self.

We loose ourselves sometime to find ourselves.....no one holds that fate! There is NO master plan.

annie said...

I read such stuff...get lightened up and then back to square one. It doesn't last for long..whats wid me or with harsh reality that doesn't seem to evade.

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Hi Ceedy,
Thanks for visiting my blog and for the generous comments you left behind. Joel Osteen is one of the most inspired preachers today. He is Spirit filled and his voice is so calm and relax without the strong rhetorics of the usual TV evangelists. I will be linking you with my blog as I found yours very sensible. I hope you do the same with mine. Thanks again for your visit. God bless you and have a wonderful day.

c e e d y said...

your name suggest the inner turmoil that you have, a tortured and repressed soul.
everyone of us has different ways to find oneself - some binge, some drink some take drugs....i chose the "semi" talk as my path..
also you ned to get your spellings correct before you comment - it is arch(e)type....

c e e d y said...

reading this and containing it within has to become a habit just like being sad and down is your habit for now

c e e d y said...

Thank you, will surely link you.


READ MY NAME AGAIN CD!!!I am the bringer of pain!!!

Do you seriously think you will find yourself in binging, drinking or doing drugs...your way of think is the reason the way you are CD...Talk is cheap...be a man....COWBOY UP!!

If all you can see is mis-spelling in what I am telling you then you have missed alot of what I am achitorturing you about.

READ MY NAME AGAIN CD!!!I am the bringer of pain!!!

c e e d y said...

I dont know what to tell you - you seem to have made yourself a harbinger of pain and suffering - you are welcome to live your life in such conditions - miserable for many - maybe bliss for you.

About me checking spellings - remember "god is in small things" - if you take care of the little details - larger picture becomes more and more clear.

puchatek said...

God drew a masterplan for us with colorful crayons ;) He is a very funny being, playing with us, having fun watching how we wrap up simple things in a sophisticated philosophy. While all he really wants to say to us is: "OPEN THAT DAMN DOOR!" ;)
Keep opening yours my friend :)

c e e d y said...

Thanks for your generous comment.
God is not funny I guess - as look at the suffering all around the world.
I beleive in creating my own rooms and my own doors and actually big windows - dont want to waste time finding keys to open any existing doors anymore :)
This will be the rooms where anyone whom I can help with my little strength is invited to visit :)

puchatek said...

Dear Ceedy :)
It's not God who is creating misery, but people thru their own actions. That's what we refer to as a choice of free will. We never knew what actually do with it and most of this gift went to waste.
Any door you see is always a great opportunity given to you by Universe... The problem is that our stubborn nature makes us believe in a illusional door which is just a picture on the solid wall. What for? If just next to it, there is a wide open gate waiting ;)
greetings :)

c e e d y said...

What you are referring to is only one aspect of creation - humans - and there you are absolutly right about our missed or myopic outlooks and not able to break illusions - but what i am refering is to is the bigger picture - all calamities that occur where people's lives are destroyed for no reason - not anybodys doing that is forced upon them without their choice and to make that into a blessing needs a lot more courage than privleged beings like us can fathom......