Lat night I became part of the Halloween Parade in New York. A bizarre event where people loose their inhibitions cross dress, put on scary costumes, innovative garbs - making a personal, social or political statement. There was an immense crowd of participants and onlookers - all with simply a purpose to show off and see. Loud music blared from the floats - a mish mash of reggea, rock, techno and other simply some noises banging on metal vessels.
Amidst this crowd and noise and excitement I someohow felt lost. Dont know why it dawned on me but moving around in this huge crowd crushed by all kinds of people I realized that I am a common man - just fighting myself to have aspirations to do something special - and making my life into a self created misery. Why am I doing this to myself - why could I not simply enjoy the parade.
We get into deeper shit with life because of our actions and then everyone around wants to shroud that truth by putting these so called spiritual and religious words that are supposed to somehow magically erase all memories and pains. I feel one should simply tell you the magic word that makes the most impact - You are FUCKED dude. This word has all the conotations and no hidden meanings - one word says it all - you are alone - nobody wants you around - life is a bitch - you are struggling for lost causes - you have to struggle for your existence.......
Sometimes and like yesterday I felt that knowledge - too much of it makes life more complicated and "hollow" and it scares me.


(¯`•._.•[Raaji]•._.•´¯) said...

ok if you reality is "you are fucked dude" or you think that it is your reality, then what are you doing about it?
times never remains the same. If you are not satisfied with yourself right now, it doesn't mean you will always remain like that, and that is why we have those encouraging words and optimism.
Don't let go of that. Things will be just fine.

c e e d y said...

I am perfectly fine and positive. This was just a thought that occured in my mind yesterday. I know the value of time and am simply letting things sort themselves out.
It was only meant to portray that sometimes from people who are close to you - you would like to hear the absolute truth and not a roundabout consolence.

(¯`•._.•[Raaji]•._.•´¯) said...

yeah... I kind of knew what you meant... I was being general as well :)
Good luck!

Compassion Unlimitted said...

//This is but a phase
Light the candle
See the flicker
Life will be lighter soon//

These are beautiful words of yours,applicable to you and everyone ,now and ever.Good to know you are a positive looking guy and I am sure this blog was a let out or a vent to the built up pressure.Leaving behind the disappointments and marching ahead is an art.Am confident you will see success in life.,

...Vindicated... said...

"You are FUCKED dude" LOL...

yeh I always recognize this eerie thrill of life for many and one.


I hate this ridicule of devil and mischievous poltergeist... damn u humans!! :-S

and what with the unsighted optimism flowing here lol. Gimme a break!!

like don’t shed tears but at least don’t be a comedy of alarm …

Err I liked the post oh positive one..

c e e d y said...

Thanx for the wishes visit. It is tough being positive always but its worth all the effort.
I like to always beleive "Everything happens for the best"

Few understand the underlying tone of positive approach.
Sarcasm is the bread and butter of many a stand up comedians - so I prefer "comedy of alarms" rather than "tragedies of peace"
Thx for visiting

Mansi Desai said...

I am not too big a fan of halloween either, but I guess its a festival for fun, mainly fun for kids and as long as things don't get too uncomfortable for you, you should learn to enjoy it!

btw! thanks for visiting my blogs!


KP said...

helloween......its that time of the year...njoy the life...