Taare Zameen Par

After the two Diwali duds, (almost) OSO and Saawariya, I am anxiously waiting for the next Aamir movie "Taare Zameen Par",- (crazy aamir fan here :)). This is his first directorial debut and hope he is able to pull it off.
Listening to the songs already for the past 10 days.

Here are all the interesting links: (I told you I am crazy):
Official Website
Wikipedia Trivia
Internet Movie DataBase (Imdb) - this is a site where you can see the upcoming projects for different stars, directors, producers, etc. etc. from all over the world....
Songs online
And finally here is the link to Aamirs Own BlogSite

Enjoy !!!!!


Anonymous said...

Its going to be another dud. Dont think so, Aamir has credentials to direct......Yet all the best!!!!

Did I say i m a huge SRK fan...lol

Only good movies for Ak were RDB, DCH and Sarfarosh....

Pri said...

woww...u really seem to be a huge aamir pankha :p
went thru those links...and even im waiting for the movie to run in the theatres now...
songs r pretty good too...:)
u seem to have done ur study in gr8 details:D

KP said...

hahaha...i agree with pri...u r big aamir pankha....lol...aamir always brings something different on the table.....lets what he got this time around...:D

Anonymous said...

Guess what at the moment i am listening to one of his movie's track..though i am not into indian movies but still i do believe that Aamir Khan's much better than SRK:)
PS: Thanks for coming by my blog:)

Ottayan said...


Came through ashu's blog.

I wouldn't say I am a great Aamir fan, but I like his yen for doing something different.

Jaggu said...

Chintan...no offense...i guess this wont be a great movie. In my opinion, great actors cannot direct movies well as they act. Kamal Hassan also tried the same, but people could not digest those movies. Ofcourse it differs by actor. Lets wait and see the result. I wish you and Aamir all the best...

c e e d y said...

dud or no dud - this was not meant to compare any actors - each is good in his way.
for me aamir touches the soul with his "antics" and so I like him
Well the other good movies from Aamir are Dil Hai Ki Manta Nahi, Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikander, Hum Hain Rahin Pyar Ke and Andaz Apna Apna

c e e d y said...

thanks, I simply like to scrouge the net for info.....
well hope the movie is good

c e e d y said...

thanks man - well its not just about being different - its also about taking chances....hope the movie is good

c e e d y said...

thanks for your comment and visiting my blog

c e e d y said...

Thanks for visiting

c e e d y said...

Like no two people in the world are same - no two instances are the same - if you make up your mind that it is not going to be good - you will see it with that intent - free your thoughts and see it without any mental bonadage and then critic.

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Hi Ceedy,
Just passing by to say hello. Have a wonderful and pleasant day.

annie said...

Shud be a cute movie...dint knw hes directin it.OSO wasnt as bad as i thot it wud be.

rOhit said...

OSO was nothing more than packaging of gags and stars.. Saawariya was strictly OK..

But I am dying to watch Taare Zameen Par.. who cares it'll be successful or not.. it will be one helluva movie.. touching to the core :)

Listen to its music.. simply brilliant man :D

Sameera said...

Hmmm...my boyfriend told me about this movie and the main reason I want to watch it is cause it involves "special" children.Waiting for it! :)

zazafeefi said...

oh man..u ARE a crazy aamir fan arent u! heh

Mirage said...

yea m waiting fr taare zameen par too...Amir's the only 'real' actor left now. Saawariya was such a disappointment. I had no hopes on OSO neway...

anuj said...

Dude .. hope u had a grt diwali ..

well OSO was fun ..pakau in the beginning bt overall fun .. din evn dare catch on to sawariya ..

Aamir we all knw is a grt grt actor. I love his comedy .. it seems so natural. I love watchin him in 'qayamat se qayamat tak' ..

cheers ..
hope u will enjy d movie ..

c e e d y said...

Thanks for the visit

Did not say OSO was bad - it was a typical Bawa (Parsi) direction - Farah Khan is a Parsi - I have many Parsi friends and they are simply nuts....and this movie showed that.

Waiting impatiently :)

I just want to watch it whatever the reason :)


I cant agree with you on acting prowess of Aamir, his movie selection is picky but what I will analyse is his directorial debut.

Well Diwali this year was not a very "great" affair - life has had many upheavels recently
But thanks for your wishes.
There is a whole list of Aamir movies that I can rattle even in my sleep ;P that I love

Nothingman said...

he is a business man, he will do well...even if the movie doesn't it would be something to look at, the guy is sheer genius.

Down with OSO, it sucked frankly.

Cheers man!~


c e e d y said...

yeah waiting for it anxiously