Calvin and Hobbes

I am a big fan of Calvin and Hobbes and admire Bill Watterson for his wonderful comic strip. I have the entire collection of his 10 years work and everytime I read it I loose myself into a phase of life I wish I never came out off....childhood.
The mischievous way in which he questions and lives life reflects a state of mind which is in constant influx of data - analysing it - rejecting it and poseing a new question - that really makes you think of many facets of life that we take for granted.
Childhood is a time when we are innocent (most of us are) and we live life as a adventourous journey rather than a daily chore.
Why is it then we give up this wonderful feeling of being a child, why is maturity that only brings a lot of pressure and sadness a journey that one is forced to partake rather than live a life of free spirit.
Dont get me wrong here as critics will question that as we grow older we need to be more stable- I dont deny that but like my friend Calvin - I just feel like asking - if everyone out there has an issue with the way their life is going- isnt there a better way to maybe try living our lives.
I may or may not suceed - but I will not regret trying it - it makes the journey adventourous just like my Childhood.

If interested you can follow this strip @ http://www.gocomics.com/calvinandhobbes/