One mistake is all it takes

I am sometimes sad for my self and also sometimes amazed. I question a lot - and there are sometimes no answers as the questions asked are never thought about or are not allowed to be thought about.
We lead our entire lives safely comforting everyone who is involved or connected with us - at all levels - family, profession, education. We want to prove our worth and also get appreciation for what its worth.
We become comfortable with life and its daily routines so much so that we mechanize ourselves. Lead a robotic life who has brains - cognitive and intellectual powers but only to be used within this safety zone or net.
For once in my life - I was aware of myself - I questioned - I fumbled.
The foundation shattered.
Now there is no one to prove to and no one to appreciate.
One mistake is all it takes...........


KP said...

I dont know what has happend..It seems you paid heavy price for ur "One mistake". I am not curious to know whats happening! But whatever it....I hope u get chance to prove ur worth to whomsoeve......;)

"May you live in Interesting Time"

P.S. Sorry for the reading ur old post...If i have offended you in anyway.

c e e d y said...


first of all - how can you offend me, when I have put this in public view....
I am actually grateful to you to take the pain to read an old post buddy :)

in simple words some desicions i made, turned my life upside down....and its been a few months now and slowly getting back to normal....thanks for asking bro!!!!