Introduce my self to ME

This is my first post and first attempt to blog and speak UP to the unknown readers out there. My interests lies with how people from different parts of the world evolve.
There are innumerable factors governing ones development - parents, siblings, institutions, religious establishements, governance and so on and so forth. These factors imbibe in us a sense of boundaries within which our mind and body functions and reacts and cultivates. This is what makes us grounded and sure.
Besides this we have our dreams and nightmares - dreams unsettle if we pursue them or neglect them and most nightmares are unsettling.
It is fascinating that even though all the previously mentioned factors determine the way we lead our lives - there are other factors that make us look and accept beyond. This whole revolution of computers around the world has transcended all the other factors and many people are "worshipping" it as a self sustaining life force. The reactions to the world are now virtual and not limited to the physical space that we were born into.
This is phase where my mind and body is in a constant upheaval, there is a constant thirst to learn new things - as even a lapse of few months will make me and my skills obsolete and at the same time there is a constant satisfaction of having learnt a new idea. But this is shortlived and now we dont or we are forced not to enjoy the fruits of our labor. We cant sit back, relax and say that it, now I have mastered it.
Do you think that this influx of constant choices will or has psychological impact on our daily lives.


Sunshine4MySky said...

It most certainly does. Psychologically it puts a strain on you to be "up to date" making it harder the older you are to adapt to new and improved technology, and ways of living. Thus leaving you with two options,one- try to adapt to the tech savvy sophisticated era,which could kill you in itself.Or two- continue to live in caveman mode and miss out on the luxurious splendors of the new world.

s e e d y said...

Thanks for the comment. I am not against "updating" myself. It is just that sometimes I feel frustrated that it took six months to master something and now its OLD.
Do you think that people would have gone through the same confusion when the first big invention of the last century took place : THE CAR

Christine said...

Hey Thanks for your comment. I was wondering if anyone would read or if I was just doing this for myself. Anyway, after 2 years of being alone...damn, I'm lonely. Date #2 didn't go as planned frankly but that will be on my next post. So what is your story?