God Warriors - A CNN Special - My view

Past three days from Tuesday to Thursday CNN aired a special by Christian Amanpour : http://www.cnn.com/SPECIALS/2007/gods.warriors/.
It was an intersting program to witness as it opened my eyes to the reasons of struggle of millions of people around the world based on the fanatic following of a particular religion. The program talked about the Jews, Muslims and Christians. The point of criticism here is that the program was too focused on certain countries that the United States has personal interest in.

The world is currently divided by imaginary boundaries that have country names as tags. Protection and respect of the "country" is taught to be the primary function of every human for that particular country. Even then there are innumerable wars across these imaginary lines as people dont agree on certain issues, or there are hidden agendas to procure energy, labor, food etc etc.

Beyond that now countries with one common tag - namely similar religion are teaming up against other countries grouped under a different religion. So the teams have reduced as the players have merged.

One thing though people are forgetting is that they are still physically bounded by the EARTH. We talk about GREEN LIVING - but not about ONE LIVING.

It seems every religion is waiting for a messiah to emerge and make the world peaceful. Instead of waiting for the messiah - can each of us help the next person and help make the world better - rather than killing so many in the pretext of someone else doing the job to save us.

Religion has moved from its spiritual existence to that of a political agenda. Power struggle to control the world based on converting people to follow a certain way of life is ridiculous.

I come from India - where according to me religion is a national time pass. If not for religion most of the billion people would not know what to do in their daily existence.

My question to every person from every religion is what are you REALLY seeking. Will being in a lonely group that has survived after all this madness make you HAPPY. What guarantee is there that there is a MESSIAH and he/she will come. What guarantee is there that after you survive this religios strife you will not divide again to make smaller group who share personal interests.

Wake up and relaize that if you do beleive that there is GOD - and you really want to make him happy - you have to be first happy within yourself - not hate your neighbour who chose to pray in a different format then yours. Realize that the final goal of each of us is the same - and instead of fighting amongst each other -let us help each other to acheive this common goal.