I saw a French Movie yesterday - "Romance". There was a very interesting scenario.
The girl who is in love - says that she is miserable because she is either in love or hating her partner. The only way out of this misery is to be "indifferent" towards the other person.

It got me thinking of how true this is in all phases of life not just love. We are always questioning why a certain thing happened - good or bad - this shows our love or hatred for the situation. And all our future actions or worries or enjoyment are based on this one thing that is already history.
Instead can we become indifferent - step back for once and see how things were before - not in the future - can we become that person - with whom this episode never occured - so that there is no love or hatred - just indifference.
It is difficult to comprehend - even for myself what I am asking - but maybe the key to lot of world problems lies in this little aspect.
Imagine countries went back in time and reinvigorated past friendships rather than solving current problems one after the other - as a retaliation to others actions.
Or life before this advent of cars - it is not impossible to revert back to it. This way solving global warming will not be necessary.
Well I may sound absurd and be dreaming of Utopia - but hey guess what like Einstein puts it

If at first, the idea is not absurd, then there is no hope for it. ~Albert Einstein


Deepali said...

Well I am not so sure it would work. Indifference is one of the worse feelings anyone can have. It means you totally don't give a damn.

While someone it makes sense to be indifferent, you won't get very far if you are that way.

You aren't indifferent to the topic of indifference and therefore you can draw up the thoughts you have but if you were really indifferent, this post would never exist.

Not sure if I am getting my point across well enough...

c e e d y said...

first of all thanks reading this post so far back :)

no you are absolutly making sense here.

this is a very personal quest - we are trained since childhood to be happy and strive for happiness - and try to get over any kind of setbacks or sadness very quickly.....

i am trying to say that if we train our minds to be indifferent to these extremes and simply enjoy the moment for what it is - it might make things a little lighter (again it a personal way of thinking)

one cant be indifferent to any thoughts - thats for sure - but once you dwell into it - can you try to understand if its possible.

let me put it this way - if say we were brought up that being indifferent to everything is the way of life - then maybe I would question that we should strive to be either happy or sad....

now i hope i make sense.

Deepali said...

2 reasons I am at a post so far back
1) I usually go through the first few posts that people write because it sometimes reveals why this person is actually writing and what they started off intending to write about.
2) I usually have trouble reading longer posts - so at least to begin with, till I get more familiar with the blog and the style, I look for shorter/easier posts.

In this light your post makes total sense - indifference to extremes is something I am all for - I love the middle past (but since I contradict myself often and am confused a lot, I might say something else tomorrow).

Life would be so much easier if you weren't always chasing something - especially something that looked only a short distance away but you could never catch.

I personally always wish that I could feel more strongly - I feel I live in a bubble - some things touch me, some things not at all and the things that do touch me they only do to some level - maybe it's the understand of how things pass as time moves on, and how those things that were important take the back seat, or that things change too quickly, or that changing POVs can change everything.

Anyway a little indifference would be very good.

c e e d y said...

Hey thanks for your effort and I think it is a cool idea to know the persons thought process - so i will try and do the same

happy blogging

i am going to blogroll you - hope its fine :)