Immigration Anxiety Attack

Shrink: How are you today.
Me: How do I look.
Shrink: You seem stressed, come lie down and lets start our session.
Me: Ok, but let me make it clear, I dont know if you can help me with this situation.
Shrink: Let us see. Now what seems to be the problem.
Me: I have anxiety attacks, I perspire and am completly frustrated every few weeks. These attacks are related to my immigration process here in the United States.
Shrink: Ok, explain in detail.
Me: (So I explained in detail my situation, of how many yeras I am here and still there is now answer). I just dont know what is happening.
Shrink: Hmmmm, it is a real problem, you work, you pay taxes, you obey the law and still you are screwed.
Me: Exactly, sometimes I wonder if I am pushing myself on this country, whether it really needs me - a professional who can add to the society - or it really wants those illegal immigrants from neighbouring countries.
Shrink: Dont think that way, you definately are needed.
Me: Ok Doc, for a minute think you are here for a decade, are treating patients day in day out, making a difference to everyones life - but you yourself are unsure everyday if you will be able to stay here next week, next month. What if you have to wrap up your practice and go back to your home country.
Shrink: That is really a problem but I cant help you here as this is a problem caused by external forces and there is absolutly no reference case in our medical journal. You simply have no option but to worry and wait.
Me: Geee, thanks doc, is this why you charge so much......to tell me that you are helpless.
Shrink: Well it sounds stupid, but you are right that I cant help you here unless there is some miracle and they sort out this immigration mess. (at this he straightened his spectacles, coughed a little and started to gape in thin air)
Me: Whats the matter
Shrink: Looking at your situation and putting myself in your position is making me Anxious....maybe even I am having an Immigration Anxiety Attack!!!!!!!


(¯`•._.•[Raaji]•._.•´¯) said...

yeah immigration stuff just sucks :)

I hope you get your paperwork done soon :)

KP said...

I hope things work for u....and u r paperwork takes speedy track....

Pri said...

heehee...looks ur shrink needs to visit his shrink for an appointment:p
worrying never helped anyone...juss chill and keep ur fingers crossed while u r at it :)

Mirage said...

hahaha! I really pity the shrink!