New Blog

I have started a new blog where I will scribble Short Stories periodically.

Here is the link.
Short Stories

Copied the first story from this blog - The Red Card

and posted a new one - Mismatch

Hope you enjoy it.



Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Will check it out my friend. Congratulations on your new blog. God bless.

Sunil said...

Congratulations for your new blog. :)

Impressionist said...

Ceedy bhai's fiction blog!
Cool! :D
Will read it bro! :)


--xh-- said...

LOL @ shortceedy :-D

Satish Bolla said...

will check it out soon. these days am not finding time to read much of the blogs........[:(] but will read urs soon

Amit said...

(putting my comments for the first time)

I went on http://shortceedy.blogspot.com/ but then looked slightly long...so I will visit again..

but its always fun reading your post.

congrats on your new post...!(n blog)

aneri_masi said...

waiting for the story of "ceedy"

Keshi said...

will chk it out soon.


Pavi!!!! said...

Congrats on ur new post n good luck with the story-writing!

n yeah..do u remem the discussion we had rgdg the cam?i was lazy to look for that post..but wanted to let u know that i got the nikon
D-40 for vinod:-) His b'day is on Friday but he's behaving like a li'l kid and am finding it so hard to keep the cam away from him!!!

rOhit said...

Arre wah! This will surely be interesting. :)

KP! said...

congrrats on ur new blog....may u open few more of this blog!!!

c e e d y said...

@mel - thank for your support

@sunil - thanks

@impressionist - this is just the beginning age age dekho hota hai kya

@-xh- Cool atleast it made you smile

c e e d y said...

@satish - ok and thanks

@amit - welcome and thanks

@aneri - laptop blew off - cannot access internet at home - so few days till i get a new one

@keshi - ok

c e e d y said...

@pavi - thanks - cool I remember that conversation - yeah gadjets and guys - are kids in the making...

hope vinod clicks some good snaps and starts a photoblog!!!

@rohit - will try to make it interesting

c e e d y said...

@kp - yeas as the time goes and I find time...thanks bud