A Pause in Time Slows you Down

Started a new blog - now have to keep it chugging..The link is across ------------>
Have been drinking lot of Campbell Alphabet Soup.

Had been tagged by Carolinagal - on ABCD's about me. There are some alphabets that dont like me - cant get them to talk to me. So the soup - trying to be friends with them. Hopefully next post I will post that.
Lastly - Have been putting up posts like God's Inc. Guess what he is listening or sending me some signals - telling me to stop tinkering with HIM or accept calls from other and ask him the PERTINENT QUESTIONS.

Maybe I will get zapped just like my laptop did yesterday - we parted ways after 4 year relationship. There were bouts when it got red and hot and angry and simply shut down - had to wait and console it to work. Finally it bade farewell. Now I am back in the market - Single again and looking for another mate for my E-life.

The reason I say that is at work I recently finished a big addition to a Mosque. Designing an addition and alteration to a Temple and today got invited to the to a Church.

I will be slow at responding and visiting for few days.


Sunil said...

Hi there,
Even I'm thinking of upgrading my PC but due to lack of time i'm not able to do so.

Have a nice time. Waiting for more of your posts. :)

Solitaire said...

I had a lot of problems with my laptop two weeks ago. Same issue. It was overheating. Finally had to change the cooling fan. Once I did that, the adapter decided to die just on the day we had storms. Once I got a new one, floods came in and I lost my net connection.


Good luck with everything!

aneri_masi said...

Would love to see pics of your work with the Mosque, Temple and Church!

vEENs said...

Good luck !

vitruvian said...

like tey say..
God works in mysterious ways!!
but u'd better figure whether he's pleased or displeased.

good luck with finding the new lappy!

Thinking aloud said...

oops i just bought alaptop for myself finally!!!my pc is gonna be jealous...:)

m.flowerr said...

'Luck' be with you!

Satish Bolla said...

hi buddy, nice take on carolinagal's tag. all the best with that.
comin to ur lappy, all the best in selecting a new one. sad to hear that u bid farewell to ur old one after 4 long years of courtship. wht did u do with the old one?
good to hear abt ur work on mosque, temple and now a church. btw, wht do u do?

--xh-- said...

congratz on the new projects :-D and hope u will find the new 'soul-e-mate' soon :-D
i am one of those few techies who r laptop challenged... still love the old fatso, my desktop....

Ravi said...

It seems, we have a global "laptop-trouble" season warming up!

I have a normal lappy with vista on it and the damn thing is so slow :(

This diwali, I'm gonna buy a high-end lappy (any suggestions?) as I'll be working fulltime on my Bollywood as well as my upcoming Hollywood blog!

Lemme know, which lappy you're gonna take, bro :)

Take care!

c e e d y said...


Welcome....I will post another one today


when it comes it comes in waves and you just have to surf to safety....looks like you are back up and running :)

c e e d y said...


You got it!!




so true - but we dont know if it is pleased or displeased - do we....its only after the moments have passed that we realize it

c e e d y said...

@thinking aloud

you better spend good time with both of them

@m flowerr

yeah I am trying to get a girlfriend whose name is LUCK

c e e d y said...


thanks bud - I am an architect unfortunately ;)
The old one is still there with me - will get it to india to get it fixed - fan has gone and i think the power fuse has gone - its an old 17" high end lappie - as i need it for high graphics....so am sad its gone

c e e d y said...


dude I want to revert back to a desktop this time - my lappie was a 17" high end one needed for all the graphics I do - recently I could easily make an omelette on it - it became that hot.....

it cost me as much as tata nano - 4 yrs back :(

c e e d y said...


yeah looks like - global warming and microsoft updates both are making the computers go berserk

I had a 17" p4 3 ghz with 2 gb ram - it cost me as much as a TATA nano 4 yrs back....now I am looking into options of getting a desktop - laptops get hot very fast doing the kind of work I have to do with heavy graphics....

will let you know once i get it.

KP! said...

Well i now know whats for dinner...its campbells chicken noodle...:). oh man char varas bahu long time che bro....:). when r u writing about that other project update us on that....the one u had post on it....did u see the plan for yakee stadium renovation?? its kool.

c e e d y said...


cool - you are welcome anytime for any lunch, dinner, breakfast...

4 years yes dude but since i do heavy graphics I had a high end 17" lappie - cost 2k...so it has to last atleast 4 yrs...i guess but anyways time for a new one

re: the project - you asked me this q earlier - i am on the verge of finalizing the design will let you know in a week.

yes saw the yankee stadium - will drive around there and post some pics :)

Pavi!!!! said...

ohhhh..ur building a mosque , temple n church? kewl or wat!!

aur haan..my lappy trbls me everyday!n i get it changed once in 6 mths..friends tell me it my fault :-((
Its the office lappy so no biggie ;-)