Modern Slave :(

How a small trivial experience in in everyday life can OPEN YOUR EYES.
Friday my tool for social networking - a.k.a. mah blackberry decided to quit on me. Dunno what it was I was saying or clicking or pushing its wrong circuits - it just decided that it wants to be with me no more.
I had developed a special relationship with it and it knew very well that without it being around I will be like a speck of dust in this vast desert. It could not even be jealous as I had no other phone.....
The weekend has been horrible getting my life back on track. Was not able to communicate with anyone - had to miss important meetings.
Life came to a standstill and it still is till its other friend via mail.
Then I realized how I have become a slave to this little machine and as always there is a lesson I learnt from this episode - just like how we become reliant on people around us and they suddenly leave or die and life becomes a mess. Thats when we realize our own importance and start to scamper and gather ourselves.
But I have decided to fight this ;) and not be enslaved by these little machines - can I really do this in the modern day and age.