Unfortunately Fortunate

The views put forth may not go very well with many readers - but this is something I do beleive and want to share it. I am not immune to emotions but I think I have the strength to overcome it.
All our lives we are somehow morose or sad and are always finding a reason why somethings did not go the way we wanted it to or assumed it to be. Why do WE have to face these sudden changes.
What have I done to get this and so on and so forth.
Happiness goes in a blink but sadness stares at us forever.

We trap ourselves into a cycle of self "mental molestation". What happens is that we tend to forget the great moments of our life, or just remember them as a sad memory, and also at the same time loose all this current precious time in our lives.
Everyone faces this quandary in all walks of life - career, family, relationships, friends........
Sometime ago I read this little quote "I've learned that our background and circumstances may have influenced who we are, but we are responsible for who we become." and in my solitude I mulled over it and it got me thinking (something that I do naturally every moment of life).

Arent we all slaves of our own doing. We want freedon from every aspect our our lives but dont have the strength to gain freedom from our very sad self. Freeing yourself from sadness to live those little moments of happiness that you experienced is what I think makes you fortunate in the most unfortunate circumstances.

I think one should feel fortunate that we have LIFE and try hard not to waste its nuances by going on celebrating sadness. Instead celebrate those moments that were really exhilerating in , relationship, career, family, friends - that you currently miss - feeling lucky that you had a chance to experience those great unforgetable moments. (many people dont ever get a chance to experience it)
Try hard to take that as a positive experience - Enrich the SELF, strengten your SOUL. A person who you did not know exists withing you....
It is easier said then done and many people think that this is a selfish unemotional approach - I agree but I am trying hard to be responsible for what I become henceforth and not blame the circumstances and the world.


(¯`•._.•[Raaji]•._.•´¯) said...

I completely agree with you and with every step i take i remind myself that there is more good to my life than there is bad.
Too often we just don't see it.
Good post :)