The Sea Inside

Another Classic movie I saw recently. "The Sea Inside".
I wont go into the storyline (you can read it with the link above). This movie moved me. It questioned what is Love - is it about possessing it - making the one you love suffer because you are selfish and cant seem to see life without him/her.
Or it is about liberating - and being unselfish - release the one suffering from the others clutches.
Similar idea can be witnessed in the Hindi movie "Fanaa" where Kajol liberates Aamir from his dilemma by killing him in the end. For me that was an unselfish move by her to end his life - which lightened the burden on him to choose between his love and his calling.


Anonymous said...

U mean, Fanna inspired the novel or the other way around ?

c e e d y said...

No they were not inspired from each other. But the concept in both is the same. It questions the common idea of what love is. Do you possess or liberate the one you love.

(¯`•._.•[Raaji]•._.•´¯) said...

hmm seems interesting. will try to get my hands on it :)