Surreal Bill

Date : Tuesday, 4th September
Time: 19:45 PM
Place : Barnes and Noble Union Square, NYC.
Event: Book release "Giving"

A moment that will be etched in my memory for life. It overwrote all my current miseries and pains. That one moment when I stood in front of him and complemented him for his great work for humanity and how he is my inspiration of a true leader for life. That same moment when he appreciated my appreciation of his relentless work, sealed with a handshake and "GIVING" of his book.
That person is none other than the President Bill Clinton.

For me it was a surreal experience - where I am used to standing in long queues in India at various temples to catch a glimpse of GOD - who invariable does not speak - just is there. Here I waited for two-half hours along with people from all over the world - a similar experience akin to waiting at the temple - the difference, most people go and wait in the temple to ask GOD for something - here people were waiting to give appreciation and show support to what I feel is a modern day GOD - President Bill Clinton.


Anonymous said...

that was WOW! moment no?!
Good greacious... I would lov to say smething if I ever meet smeone like that! coz i wud be open mouthed and gaping ;)

wont talk :D

I m not sure...but i will really find out.... abt him more!

ceedy said...



Well i am not boasting...but my work has allowed me to meet lots of big people from all walks of life...so I dont get dumbfounded...just get more excited...

and you know I shook hand..held it for a while and congratulated him on his wonderful work...told him I follow him on his website...and he was very happy and says its people like you whose support we need...

now what better can it get !