My Dear Friend Murphy

Hope you have heard about Murphy's Law. As it states that "whatever hads to go wrong will go wrong" - but what if that wrong is your right your way of life.

What if you are put into situations and choices you get are "right" for the moment, feel the best thing to do - but actually are an apparition.

Amitabh had a friend "Tanhayee" in his famous song "mai aur meri tanhayee"....similarly I have a dear friend Murphy.

Every stage of life I am faced with choices that basically make me select them forcefully - as they are choices that are a result of another wrong choice I have made earlier - I know they are wrong but I am basically helpless. And so the cycle continues and the wrong has become right.

In life some people have to make adjustments - completely change themselves or simply fine tune their current position. But what do you do if someone related to you has to constantly make adjustments because Murphy has decided to be your best buddy.

Do you force them to make Murphy a part of their life..........