Was anxiously waiting for her to come.....and she finally did - virgin lady snow - and went away leaving me with a memory to anxiously wait for her again - I ventured out to greet her - here are some pictures and my love for her.

footprint in the snow of time

in all its glory - pinebrook, new jersey

at a pond in the forest - pinebrook, new jersey

Serene and pure
Spreading her whiteness across the expanse
Lay the beautiful virgin

Captivated by her brilliance
Showered the heavens little flakes
Embellising her diaphanous gown

Inviting every weary soul in her embrace
She mesmerized them
Rose thus the shining star from behind the mountains

Radiating his brilliance across her
Masked her with his glory
She sighed

Slowly caressing her every curve
With the first kiss to her luscious lips
She melted in his arms

The gown bore the creases
Of their ecstatic nuptial
Virgin she was no more


Jaggu said...

Why r u showing that area infront of the apartment ( my previous apartment ) and making me feel bad for missing snow???

vitruvian said...

snow....thats a thing of 'vacations' and ;hill stations' for me...
*sigh* lucky u!!
and u paint a very lovely and sensuous picture with the poem..

KP said...

well written.....oh man...its that time of the tear again......:)

Lena said...

isnt it a great feeling to have the first snow after long long waiting for it? :)

Take care, have a nice week! :)

annie said...

Breathtakingly beautiful..So do u play snowman snowman :P ?

Anne Kaz said...

I like is snow http://annekaz.blogspot.com/2007/11/kar-tanesi-yapalm.html
2. soap snowman I did..http://annekaz.blogspot.com/2007/11/sabun-kardan-adam.html
and my living city
for bad english sory :(

Ravi said...


I never knew you write poetry as well dude ;)


Anonymous said...

wonderful pics dude....love snow!!! and it was killin yesterday, relaxed though now, but never know....

Preethi said...

Yep, wasn't it beautiful! Hoping to see a white Christmas this time. hey, nice poem too, well captured.

c e e d y said...

which area are you talking about...i am confused really - I emailed you the front of the house pics seperatly....they are not here

c e e d y said...

tis just the beginning of the season....waiting for more snow...am going to go try snowboarding this year :)(just have to get fit a lill)
this kind of weather uplifts all senses (you know what i mean ;))

c e e d y said...

it is time of the "year" again but could very well be "tear" again as people have to shovel and clean and walk safely or else you slip and fall and are all tears :)

c e e d y said...

yes it sure is,
thanks for visiting here - you might be getting much more snow than we do

c e e d y said...

hehe, it is really beautiful...btw me straight - so prefer to play snowman - snowwoman instead ;P

c e e d y said...

@anne kaz
dont worry abt english....talk thru your pictures :)
thanks for the links

c e e d y said...

there are many more things I do - on a creative level - poem is just one of them...thanks for liking it though :)

c e e d y said...

Thanks !!!!yes it was but hey it shakes you up real good....
and "you never know" yeh to shooroat hai - abhi picture baki hai....(in temrs of good wholehearted snowfall)

c e e d y said...

yes it was wonderful....la la land, took a walk thru a forest and it was great
thanks for the comments on the poem...yes why cant the two forces of nature enjoy some intimate time right :)

Pri said...

woww...some real cool pics there :)
lucky u...its gonna be a white christmas!...
lovely write too...beautiful play of words...
have fun!

annie said...


c e e d y said...

thankx...kepp visiting

phoenix said...

breath takingly beautiful

c e e d y said...

yup....very beautiful

anuj said...

I guess nxt year ..she wud b virgin again .. so u have nothin to wry abt ;) ..

Its quite miraculous seeing the settled snow .. whn suddenly all ur wrld turns white n cold (in d good sense) .. fr he first time it doesnt trouble u if u go down with ur feets clasped from snow surrounding u ..

I can only imagine the magical aura of falling snow ..

c e e d y said...

it is a real cool feeling, and hey you are right a virgin again ;).....
well cant step out in the snow for more than 1/2 min w/o shoes...can get frost bite :(

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Hi Ceedy,
Thanks for visiting my blog and for the very inspiring comments you left behind. I truly appreciate them. You are a born poet Ceedy. You have a way with words and you communicate them very effectively. The first coat of snow is really virgin as nothing else covers or defames it. So is our virgin soul uncontaminated yet by the scum of this world. Thanks for the inspiring piece of poetry. Continue to write them to be a source of inspiration for more people in need of meanings in their lives. God bless and have a cheerful and sunny day.

Sameera said...

Nice to see you enjoyed your first snow and what a lovely sensual peom that was!

c e e d y said...

thanks for the appreciation - will keep writing :)

thank you for the compliment

(¯`•._.•[Raaji]•._.•´¯) said...

Let it snow... let it snow... let it snow :)

c e e d y said...

you wishes were answered - it snowed again today

uppu said...
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Solitaire said...

Virgin snow sounds quite appealing.
But who is going to clean my car for me now?

c e e d y said...

reading your description here is my sugesstion
Lazy by birth, sensitive by nature, a nerd not by choice!

Since lazy - let the snow melt on its own....
sensitive - how can you distrupt nature and its creation
nerd not by choice - you dont want to look manly cleaning do you :)))))

romila said...

Came by here very recently. This poem is breathtakingly beautiful. Read few of your other stuffs too.
I have one word for your writing & thoughts - "Depth"