Taare Zameen Par - An Interpretation

Finally the day arrived and I was able to see the first day first show like many other Aamir Movies I have watched in the past. Had a half day at work, movie was playing near the office - off I went - was the only lukha I guess - as I was the only one to see the first show besides the person who had rented the theater here in Newark, NJ.

TZP is about recognizing the inner hidden talents, respecting the individual for his characeteristics, letting the child be a child and about looking at life not as a competetion of like minded people but a garden where all different flowers having different shades, colors and fragrance can exist.

TZP manages to ask so many questions at so many level and is about children - what better way to interpret it than asking questions and allow the readers to be children and count - and decide if they will like the movie. Take a paper and pencil and write down the answeres for these questions.

First 3 questions about AK and the movie

a) Do you like Aamir
1- Yes I love him
2- Sometimes
3- No he is an ego maniac and I hate him

b) Do you expect something different from AK
1) Yes, certainly do
2) Lets see, if he delivers
3) His mouth is bigger than his films

c) Do you like movies that are slow but meaningful
1) Yes certainly do,
2) Yes only if the message is worth it
3) I like fast paced - non sensical movies

Now about yourself:

d) Do you always feel that nobody understands you
1) Yes
2) Sometimes
3) No, I am very explicit and confirming

e) Do you question life and its nuances
1) Yes, always
2) Sometimes depends on what it is
3) Life is just about answers, we have to live it

f) Do you like to think outside the box
1) Yes, always, there is a solution for all problems
2) Maybe, it all depends on what the defination is
3) What box! Everyone should just follow the norms

g) Do you feel that anything you do is always wrong - thus instead of explaining it - you fight with others to leave you alone
1) Yeah thats me
2) I sometimes do wrong but like to explain
3) I am never wrong

h) Solitude is my best friend
1) Yeah that certainly is
2) When I am down I want to be alone but otherwise I like to be around people
3) If I am not around people who will adore me

i) Your views about children
1) Adore them - they are the light of life
2) I like older kids - real little ones are a pest
3) Why cant they be born straight as teens?

j) Rules in society have to be followed no matter what
1) Rules can be broken and new ones formed - thats progress
2) Cetain aspects need to have rules and certain can be thought about
3) Rules are there for a reason - one should not tamper with it.

Hope you enjoyed this little questionnaire - See the comments section for interpretation.


c e e d y said...

Based on the above questions -
- If your answers are predominantly (1) then you are a free spirited radical person for whom life is a not to be lived by the entire script but can alter, adapt and change in every scene. You definately will love the movie (I fall in this category :))

- If your answers are predominantly (2) then you are a balanced person as you try to evaluate everything - check the pros and cons - and for people like these my answer has to be ambigous too - you might might not like the movie

- If your answers are predominantly (3) then my friend you should definately see the movie - might just loosen you up a little and make you rethink some given norms and aspects.

(Disclaimer - this is my interpretation, and my adoration for Aamir his creative genius, his guts and his personal struggle to stand by what he beleives in - is a bais - so even after you take this questionnaire - and you dont like the movie - you will not bash me :)

PS - Please let me know you personal views once you see the movie.

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Hi Ceedy,
I sure would have liked to see that movie and find out the relevance of your question and answers. I have long stopped answering questions with attached answers. I have learned to accept myself as I am and I no longer bother about what psychology and sociology say about who I am. That would only muddle my life. I came to appreciate my life in what I am as far as my Creator is concerned. It does not bother me anymore what the world or established science say about me. I used to live with that before and that brought me nowhere. Now, I'm in the homeward trek of my life and what concern me most is how I will fare when I'm judged by my Creator. You are younger so you don't have to look at life the way I do. And I have the highest respect for your own views and perspective in life. As they say, different strokes for different folks. Thanks for the wonderful post. Enjoy the best of the holiday season in the US.

vitruvian said...

i caught the movie first day first show as well...
i do like aamir..coz he's a good artiste...
but his directorial debut was a DHAMAKAA

i ABSOLUTELY LOVED the movie...i've been telling every1 i meet of have spoken to since..that its a MUST WATCH..

I dont generally cry in movies...actually i remember doing that only once b4..
this got me going...oh my god!!
its about children...yes..
but i thibk every single individual can relate to the questions asked..but coz
1.they have been a child once
2.the movie has dealt with life in general as well...

i really hope he makes more br8 movies..
the quiz was interesting..but u cant really predict on it basis...
thats my opinion ;)

Anonymous said...

Absolutely superb movie. Tare Zameen par is a must watch. a classic, a grand debut for AK. Superb. I cudnt hold my tears, neither could every soul watching the movie.

The kid was superb!!!!

Wish we get to see more classics from AK. And songs were superb!!!

I have no words, yet tried to pen down somethibg on


c e e d y said...

I agree with you in every word you write. I personally dont folow such questionaires too.
But this was all fun and banter as the movie is all about kids.

Even if you can get this movie with subtitles do watch it - it not a typical hindi (bollywood) movie - its about kids and it reflects for kids all around the world and the god that is within them :)

thanks mel appreciate your interest.

c e e d y said...

I agree - have to drink a lot of water before going into the movies - I cried too ;P

Agree with this quiz you cannot predict about the movie - but then it is as vague as seeing the movie isnt it :)

Glad you liked it - for me my wait for worth it - have an exam today still I went and might go again tonite :)

c e e d y said...

Glad you like the movie - will check our blog and comments later today.

This is one sentiment every soul who is sensitive to life and loves kids will come out of the movie with - tears in the eyes.

Glad you liked it.

KP said...

I havent seen the movie..but i`ll definately watch the movie and i fall into category #1 fro above.....i can only provide my view after watching the movie.....;)

Ravi said...

Hi buddy,

Just came back after watching TZP and I just have 2 words to say..Amazingly Awesome!!!!!!!!

Movie is totally captivating...in fact I did cried silently couple of times during the 18 reeler beauty..

Aamir has captured emotions so clearly and brilliantly....the child is a natural actor..

I was really moved by the scene towards the end where painting session is going on and the child shows his starry painting to Aamir and when he looks what Aamir has been painting....the look and emotions on his face when he sees his own face painted beautifully by Aamir...its simply superb!

I wont 4get this movie for a long time to come, that's for sure :)

Take care!

rOhit said...

You know bro, since the time i came back after watching the movie, {ofcourse on the 1st day} i've visited your blog soo many times just to check as if you've written about it or not. And while going to post comment on Aamir's blog, saw ur msg there, and quickly came here. :)

Now as per the questionnaire is concerned, my answers are undoubtedly {1} for all of them. :)

Now coming to my views regarding the movie, if i say "i loved it" will be an understatement. Let me put it straight, till date I havent cried in a movie as much as I did in Taare Zameen Par. :) I went to watch it alone and sitting in the corner seat,i just kept on cryingn crying. I'll truly run short of words if i start explaining how much i got impressed with it. The detailing through out the film, was amazing. Darsheel Safari stands out as the best actor for the yr. and Aamir was amazingly great in his debut directorial and equally with his acting. His expressions were mind-blowing. We can afford to loose any other actor in bollywood, but NO WAY an Aamir Khan. :)

Prasoon Joshi has emerged as the new "baap" when it comes to pen down lyrics, the song "Maa" made me cryy soooo much. Music was beautiful and wonderfully used.
I can just go on n on, praising about the film. :)

After hell ages, came one movie which touches your chord deep to the core.:)

Amazingly brilliant. :D

rOhit said...

I saw it on friday and then again went today {saturday}... BIG BIG time touched and impressed with it. Could relate to the kid and lot many other aspects of the movie soooo truly. :)

Cinderella. said...

Hey...I have not seen the movie..but what form what it looks from here, I gotta catch it, eh ?
And anyway, its Amir Khan, somethings gotta be be there, if he's there...
Took yoou quiz, My answers were mostly 1s. That gives meone more reason, basing on your theory.
On a different note,you doing good...?

c e e d y said...

yes go see it, without reading anything - you simply will enjoy it. share you thoughts please

c e e d y said...

yes sir you are right amazingly awesome and wont forget it for a long time.

i went to see it again today, simply want the movie to be part of ME.....

c e e d y said...

the movie is a depiction of every human being and his personal struggle with himself/herself and with the society in general.
even though there is a central theme, there are layers upon layers that one can scrape and see the reflection of ones life.
it like standing in front of the mirror and asking - did i just miss something - my childhood :)

the link from his blog worked - am glad, thanks for your generous comment.

i did go again too - simply like you said - touched deep to the core

c e e d y said...

yes definatly go see it - you are too late - i already watched it twice :)

i am fine thank you.....vacation and relaxation time for a week :)

anuj said...

wait wait .. I aint gonna read this completely .. m gonna watch the movie on monday n come bck ..

till thn tata ..

anonme said...

i am not gonna read this!
wil drop in again wen i watch that movie!!
*closing my eyes tight*

c e e d y said...

@ anuj and anonme

I will wait - let the cobwebs groom in the annals of my TZP receptive brain :) til you come and shake it

--xh-- said...

this is a movie i want to watch. some fo my friedns saw the movie and gave a very good rating. hope i will enjoy it. i like amir, and i like meaningful movies, wheterh it si slow or fast...

Anonymous said...

i am going to see themovie tmmoro Ceedy! and I fall in the first category!! and I COMPLETELY lov Aamir... and everyone around me is saying that it is THE MOVIE OF THE YEAR types...

so will be back once I see it!!

phoenix said...

this really was n interesting post!

Solitaire said...

Awwwww.I love Aamir Khan to death!!
Thanks for the review and the questionnaire!!
Awesome write up!

bharat chandran said...

This is an interpretation, a well thought interpretation. I like the way you narrated, especially the way you brought in questionnaire section and added your own interpretations to each. While I was passing through your article, I felt that you were trying to map the readers and align them according to their ‘needs’? (I am not sure need is a right word). But the disclaimer part was something like seeing ‘Cigarette Smoking is Injurious to Health’, being a smoker! :)

c e e d y said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
c e e d y said...

enjoy the movie, saw it twice already :)

enjoy and will wait to hear from you

c e e d y said...

thanks and hope you enjoy the movie

c e e d y said...

thanks and enjoy the movie

c e e d y said...

@bharat chandran
thanks for the detailed analyis :)
you are right - its not needs per se - its is preference and your intellectual incline.
Yeah - it is marketing that helps - you create a scare or doubt and people alwys want to try it - human nature i guess....

Compassion Unlimitted said...

Hi..now that you have created the interest one has no option but to see it..hmm reg the points it was predominantly 3..but balanced person and me ..no way..lol

c e e d y said...

3 is not balanced, it is 2

3 are people who are very affirmative in their beleifs and follow a set rythem.....and sometimes need to look at the other side to see the free moving life....

similarly the 1's have to look at 3 and learn that life can be fun if you set certain boundaries :)

(¯`•._.•[Raaji]•._.•´¯) said...

i have to watch this movie now :)

anuj said...

Arite .. seen it ..

Amazing movie .. just amazing.

Preethi said...

I want to watch the movie before i read all of it. Wii come back here again!

c e e d y said...


cool share your thoughts once you see it :)


cool buddy that you liked it


will wait for your review :)

Anonymous said...

Ceedy, I have loved the movie too, now here are some questions :-
->How many actually took back something from the movie?
->When the movie ended, how many actually sat through the credits which showed documentary footage of 'Special Schools' and the 'Special Children'
-> what do you think is the impact of the movie on people like teachers/ schools/parents?

read my post on this

i don't know.. but if you can I didlike you to answer those in a post kinds?

tell me if you can :)
I will chk back !!

and thanks dear!

Anonymous said...

Really nice of you for his prompt!!

I don't know what to reply.. but ur reply is so honest .. makes feel I am blessed..(i m sorry for being so frank)..but nevertheless.. I am proud.. that u reached the destination and defeated all yur disabilities :)

it takes a hell lot of courage to do that!!

thank u Ceedy.. u rock!!

b/w u downloaded it?? o_o :>)

u r an inspiration :)

Anonymous said...

AND I am glad I found yur blog too..

sorry for the typos( i was too excited when i replied :))

take care..

c e e d y said...


thanks for the heartfelt comments...

i always like to say what is honest and frank and truthful....so in professional life my views are taken very seriously as I dont hold back any criticism or praise...

but personal life is in when i spoke the truth, life became topsy turvy all over, and was judged very harshly....but I fought a much tougher battle as a kid - this now seems like a little episode :)

dont know about inspiration but i have had many people who somehow helped me in my life....so i like to share what i went thru - good or bad - atleast hopefully can make someones life easier.