Transparent and brilliant
A while to form it took
Floating first in Neverland
Appeared to the vision
Settled in its surroundings
Disturbed but exhilerated
Cajoled and conquered
Shone and shared
Melted and Withered
Back into Neverland
All in a day
Following the same
Rythem and pattern
From inception to death
Why then does it take
Us a lifetime


--xh-- said...

nic elines.. if allwe do is just to follow a pattern, why do we need a life time? good question, mate :)

Anonymous said...

umm!! waow!!

Anonymous said...

fundooooooooo pic n poem......

c e e d y said...

if you find an answer let me know ;)

c e e d y said...

!!woaw!!mmu back to you

c e e d y said...


Preethi said...

Wow. 'Back into Neverland' loved it. Wherever that place is, I want to be there!

Guess what i saw the trees yesterday and i felt bad that i didn't have a camera on me. Not anymore :)

c e e d y said...

Dont know where the place is but have you seen the movie "Finding Neverland" - atleast you can get an idea of how it might be :)
Well sorry to disappoint - I did not have the camera either - this is a pic of the net very close to how the trees are near to where I am.....

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Hi Ceedy,
As usual, you were able to compose a soul inspiring poem from a simple thing like the snow. Deeper interpretation of your poem reveals a deeper shade of meaning that involves your idea of man's existence. Keep up the good works. Have a nice and pleasant holiday season in America.

rOhit said...

Beautiful poem bro..very nice :)

KP said...

nice poem....:)well written...:)

Red Soul said...

u know Malgudi restaurent.. in edison? I like it! esp its chicken soup and chicken hariyali. lol

and the view was awesome yest... walkin on the snow n all

(¯`•._.•[Raaji]•._.•´¯) said...

beautiful. Snow and winter is such a wonderful time of the year :)

annie said...


We humans love to hold on to forever,forgetting how imp. change is.

- I donno what i said..so ignore..lol

Cinderella. said...

Shake-a-doo man !!!!!!!
You know , at times even one lifetime aint enough..

c e e d y said...

Thank you - very kind of you - not many people take the time to ponder the inner meaning - gives me inspiration to raise the bar next time I write.

c e e d y said...

thanks man !!!!


@red soul
yes I know that place - but am a vegeterian....snow is always fun

c e e d y said...

thanks - it is just brilliant out there till it starts melting

c e e d y said...

me confused - what and which post were you referring to....

ignorance is bliss and i follow that in every aspect of my life :)...so dont worry

c e e d y said...

yes true....but make the most of what we have....waiting in anticipation of more - handicaps us in the present

Cosmic Joy said...

Very nice poem!! Hats off to you.

c e e d y said...

@cosmic joy
thank you thank you.....

Anonymous said...

lovely words....you have crafted it beautifully!

c e e d y said...

thanks for visiting....and generous words

txandi said...

ethereal, title to end.~t~

c e e d y said...


Sameera said...

Very thought-provoking.

When nature has its own uncomplicated course most of the time,why do we humans try making ours so complex almost all the time..

c e e d y said...

true right !!!
there is a book on similar subject "path to least resistance"
by Robert Fritz